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What is the Reason Why Hair Frizzes?

Many people have this question – what is the reason why hair frizzes? There are various reasons why hair curls, twirls and turns into curls – one of the main reasons is genetic predisposition.

The best reason to have this question is – why does hair frizz? Yes, it is an embarrassing question that will be asked by your friends and family members who are concerned about your curly, frizzy hair.

People who have a natural hair texture with naturally curly and wavy hair usually experience frizz as they age. Other times, they also experience this condition if their hair is not maintained properly. This is often called ‘frizzing’ as this condition is often associated with kids who have long hair.

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If you are among the many who get this type of frizzy hair, then there are some steps that you can follow in order to smooth out and manage the frizzing. There are different treatments for hair that can help in achieving the desired look. Below are the tips on how to care for curly, frizzy hair and get rid of frizz.

Use Certain Hair Products – One of the first things that you need to know about the reason why hair frizzes is that certain hair products are very harsh on your hair and may leave it looking unkempt and lifeless. A simple solution to this problem is to use products that contain frizz-removing ingredients, which will improve your hair’s condition and make it healthier.

Understand That Your Hair Has a Correct Hair Type – It is also important to know that your hair is categorized into six different types of types. These six types are: pigtails, straight, curly, textured, curly-textured and wavy. Each of these types has their own characteristics and needs for care.

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Shampoo Regularly – It is also important to know that you must use a shampoo every single day and not just once a week. Soaking your hair in a bathtub or spa every other day can help make your hair healthy and hydrated.

Reduce the Use of Dandruff Treatments – Another thing that you should know about the cause of frizzy hair is that dry scalp can also cause the condition of frizz to be worse. Therefore, to ensure that you do not have this problem, you should ensure that you moisturize your scalp every single day.


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