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What is Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel and Benefits of Vacuum Glove Box?

Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel is a customized stainless steel vacuum machine applied to the research and development of optical devices.

A Vacuum Glove Box is a specially equipped machine used for carrying out chemical or physical experiments. The internal environment is kept at a high vacuum pressure, creating pure air for conducting experiments. It is mainly used in the manufacturing process of electronic components and other precision instruments, as well as the manufacture of materials such as semiconductors and silicon wafers, etc. chach

In recent years, with the rapid progress of electronic research and development, raw materials processing scientists have already succeeded in using Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel to immobilize molten metal molten, thereby obtaining a new type of vacuum furnace for metallurgical smelting.

Benefits of Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel

The Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel is made of stainless steel, and its advantages include the following:

  • Vacuum Glove Box is stainless steel and is safe to use.
  • High vacuum degree is very suitable for chemical processes and high temperature processes.
  • Vacuum Glove Box is applied to the manufacture of precision instruments and metallurgy.
  • Vacuum Glove Box can be designed according to your needs.
  • Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel is easy to install.
  • The surface is very smooth and can be easily cleaned.
  • The surface hardness meets the requirements of vacuum.
  • The performance capacity of vacuum is very high, and the service life is long.
  • The price is competitive.
  • Can meet the needs of research and development.

Manufacturing Process

The Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel has a compact structure and is suitable for the manufacturing of all kinds of optical instruments, electronic equipment, precision instruments and various applications.

The Vacuum Glove Box Stainless Steel is mainly composed of a glove box, a body frame, a vacuum pump, pipe joints, vacuum valves, and a vacuum gauge.

  • The gloves box is used to seal the vacuum, to prevent the air from leaking out.
  • The body frame is used to connect to the vacuum pump.
  • The vacuum pump is connected to the glove box and seals under a high vacuum pressure.
  • The vacuum valve is used to disconnect the glove box from the vacuum pump.
  • Other components such as pipes or fixtures can be placed inside the body for additional applications or accessories.

Vacuum Pump

The Vacuum Pump is mainly used for generating a vacuum pressure required by the Vacuum Glove Box. In general, the pump is mainly classified into external and internal pumps, according to its connection style with the vacuum pump.

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