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What Kind of Blonde Do You Have?

The best box hair dye for brunettes is a little bit different than it is for blondes. Blondes use lighter colored hair dye for blonde hair, whereas brunettes need to use darker shades of the same dye. No matter what your complexion is, there is a style for you. You just have to know what type of blood you have and what to look for when buying hair dye for brunettes.

Blondes or brunettes, there are two major ways that you can make them look different. It all depends on what they are going for. It is fairly easy to find a style that will make both blonde and brunettes look different. If you are going for the platinum blonde, you are going to need to go with an all black hair dye for brunettes. If you are going for lighter shades of browns, you can get away with using lighter shades of hair dye for brunettes.

Those who are looking for a look that is going to complement their light brunettes will be happy to hear that the light tones will be more subtle than the dark tones. However, the downside is that those who dye their hair at home tend to use a ton of product. One of the best box hair dye for brunettes to use is Simply Blonde in Hair Nino. This dyes hair and it is all natural, so it will not give you a heavy build up of product. Check out Best Argan Oil Hair Products in this post.

If you want a look that is going to be a bit more dramatic, then you should look for something like Ice blue, which has a very deep black tint. If you are going for a shade that is going to be a bit more subtle, then try Strawberry blonde, which is a very light blonde with a hint of strawberry. For something that has a nice brightness, go with Lemon yellow. This gives a nice contrast between the yellow that is naturally in the hair and the platinum blonde base color.

For darker brunettes, adding highlights around the eyes are going to give you that perfect look. For highlights, take a color called Stinky and add some streaks around the eyes. If you are going for a lip liner, look for a shade called Nothing or Deep Red. For brown eyes, use Elegant brown with a gold overlay or Staple Brown which has a bit of shimmer to it.

There are other colors that you can go with, but if you choose too many colors you are going to get that build up of product that is so bad for your hair. You should only use three colors that are similar to each other and have similar colors. Keep your accessories neutral so that you don’t clash with each other.

Remember that the best box hair dye for brunettes to use is the ones that have less to no buildup. You can add highlights to your hair and create a more dramatic look, but you should keep it subtle and light. Keep the lighter colors for your warm, natural look, and the darker colors for that little extra boost. Find out Best Indian Hemp Oil Product here.

The best box hair dye for brunettes to use will have a minimal amount of product in it and the color that you purchase should be a shade that matches your skin tone. You do not want to use any darker colors because they will look bad with your skin tone and could make you look washed out, so find a shade that is going to match your complexion.


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