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What Kind Of Caribbean Charter Suits You Best? Let’s Find Out!

Going to the Caribbean? Be ready with you’re a list of your preferred Caribbean boat charters before you explore the emerald waters, the tropical wildlife, and the rich culture of the Virgin Islands.

Why should you rent a yacht as early as possible?

Firstly, it is all about choice. Now whether you choose any of the Caribbean motor yacht charters or any of the sailing charters, a chartering agency will definitely provide you with a lengthy list of options. You won’t run out of options if you charter a yacht last-minute but there’s a high possibility that you may miss out on some better catamaran designs or sizes. Because the options are so many, you shouldn’t neglect the opportunity and be thorough with choosing a yacht for yourself. Choosing early can also affect the prices. Last-minute charters can possibly be expensive and if you book early, the charter agency might be open to giving you a discount, or at least, you won’t be charged extra. Yacht charter agencies hire the best professionals as cabin crew. But if you have preferences such as a skilful cook, a captain who knows turbulent waters (if in case, you are visiting an island with difficult waters), or a huge number of cabin crew members to keep your vacation comfy, then you will be able to hire them easily at an earlier stage. Hiring crew members early also lowers the chartering fee since calling and setting up a cabin crew on short notice becomes quite bothersome and expensive for the agency, thereby increasing your fee. 

Another thing you should know while chartering Caribbean sailing charters is that charter agencies provide extensive consultation to their clients to help decide the perfect itinerary and therefore, a suitable yacht and cabin crew. So, if you decide last-minute, proper discussions won’t take place, you will have to decide many things on your own (and that too quickly), and you may end up with increasing costs with a yacht that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Different types of Yacht charters and which is ideal for which situation

Caribbean sailing charters are ideal if you want to explore the waters too and spend some peaceful time relaxing and having fun on your yacht. On the other hand, if you prefer to explore the islands more and keep the journey as time-efficient as possible, Caribbean boat charters are a good bet. You can also opt for a catamaran if you want both.

Author’s Bio

 The author is a broker at an independent charter booking agency that operates for the Caribbean Sea and rents Caribbean motor yacht charters. Along with the entire team, they have experience of over 30 years.

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