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depositphotos 68789187 stock photo students

And i’m going to differentiate here between simple and easy because the idea of stopping and forcing yourself to find the positive it’s simple but it’s not easy it’s oftentimes not the natural thing to do but if you can ask that of yourself you will find the winds that others walk right by you’ll be the change you want in yourself because the outside world will act as the toolbox to make that happen remember we often can’t control what the world gives us but we can always control what we do about it and that ability is what i believe separates human beings and their level of growth success and achievement right next time you find yourself down and out sure do your thing handle it how you must but don’t forget that golden rule it’s not what you look at it’s what you see and when you examine the world around you point to one however small value add that will pick you up gets you back on your feet and move you forward to that more ideal reality there’s a saying that just because you spent a long time making a mistake doesn’t mean you need to continue making it.

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There’s an incredible advantage in life for those who can separate past and future who can recognize sunk costs and walk away walk away from the past move on to new things but here’s the challenge right like so many things our instinct is to preserve it’s yeah but i’ve invested so many years i’ve spent x amount of dollars and maybe i don’t like where i’m at but look how long it’s taken me to get here well here’s the reality that time is gone that money is not coming back no matter what you do or what direction you take from here on out there’s no reason to think you have to maintain the same trajectory or hold on to a specific identity or pattern of behavior yesterday isn’t the focal point here the goal is simpler what matters now and how will you get there now you’ve grown you’ve evolved you’ve changed and your targets have shifted so why shouldn’t you the idea of sunk costs is so important because it’s essentially realizing that you’re not indebted to the resources you’ve spent or exhausted there’s no need to be a slave to previous decisions that you’ve made no just chalk it up as an integral step in your learning process .

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And aspect of growth and move forward to what matters to what you care about if that seems obvious i challenge you to think about the decisions you’ve made over the last year and i guarantee you you’ve let factors affect your decision-making that are irrelevant to your goals because we feel this camaraderie with yesterday like there’s a debt to be paid but man life is too short to run in place if it’s not pushing you forward drop it if it’s not what you need forget it in other words don’t be one of those people that wakes up and makes the same mistake every single day because you’ve spent a long time making it see reality only exists in your head and that’s why it’s beautiful you can unlock the cell door and walk out don’t lose sight of the greatest gift you have the new beginning that lives in every second where you can take a turn you’ve never taken before remove the mask and play a role you’ve never played let that sense of excitement pull you to new things.



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