Where Is That File?

wheres that file
wheres that file

It’s Monday morning, and your company is already dealing with a crisis. Sales needs marketing materials again, but where are they — on Sharepoint, in an email, or somewhere else?

As your company grows, especially if you have multiple locations, it gets harder to find all your digital resources. Rest assured, your company can better organize its materials. You just need a plan.

First steps

Take some time to think about what kinds of material you have and what kind you will use. Decide where you’re going to store these files. Your end goal is to ensure that every leader in both Sales and Marketing has access to all the materials they might need.

If your business has been growing for years without any real organization for digital data, your next step — a baby step — is to assess what you have. Digital files tend to collect in a few key places. Take the time to sort through those places and create an inventory of current material while purging outdated files. When you consider how much you can probably get rid of in the first round, the task might not be as overwhelming as you expect.

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Written by Marshall Smith

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