Why animated adverts over traditional adverts?

As we all know, animation is a new trend. Be it movies, music videos, or adverts. Animated videos are way more captivating than those classical ones.
Following are the reasons why animated adverts are better than traditional adverts:

1. Creativity
The animation is all about creativeness..and creativeness has no boundaries. Animated adverts can push boundaries and can market like never before.

2. Impactful
According to recent studies, animated videos are 4.5 times more effective than traditional ads.

3. Affordable
Many of us think that animated videos are expensive, but the truth is they are way cheaper as they cut the expenses of actors, costume designers, makeup artists, setup costs, and various other stuff where producer’s capital is utilized.

4. Grabs attention
Nowadays, we all are already way too involved in animation. Moreover, Millenials are kinda attracted to animated adverts more than those classic ones. And since for most of the brands, youngsters are the target audience, animated adverts can work wonders in their marketing.

5. Animation is flexible in nature
Animated adverts are super easily altered whenever one wishes it to, compared to those traditional ads. In addition to that, we can add, remove or basically edit the adverts according to our requirements.
6. Universal appeal
In Animated adverts, firstly the video is made than the audio/voice is added to the video, which means we can put any language we wish to according to the audience, which is the best way to communicate universally.

7. Time-saving
Animation is quite handy and time-saving. And time is money …!

8. Timelessness
Classical videos involving actors will last as long as the influence of the actors. As soon as the actors go out of worth, the adverts will also become less effective, which is not the case with animated videos….they are timeless…

So, those were some of the many benefits of animated advertisement. Overall, an animated way of advertising is a great way to set your brand apart from competitors.
They will be more visually appealing and engaging so as to reinforce your brand in the minds of your consumers.

Source: https://addymade.com/why-animated-adverts-over-traditional-adverts/


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