Why are Vinyl Wraps a Smart Investment in Edmonton?

Vinyl wraps are customizable, inexpensive and chic – what’s not to like? Vehicle wraps have become increasingly common across Canada. According to the Globe and Mail, the fact that “wraps can now…fit complex three-dimensional shapes and [be] installed…in a matter of minutes,” has made them extremely popular. We say that’s not the full story. Creative wraps let you advertise where the crowds are – busy beaches, picnic spots, main streets – and get you likes and shares on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Custom vinyl wraps in Edmonton are an absolute no-brainer for virtually every business, especially because of their incredible value proposition. Find out why vehicle vinyl wraps are such a smart investment for virtually any business.


A billboard costs several thousand to rent and maintain, as does a radio ad or a TV spot. A vinyl wrap in Edmonton costs a fraction of that to print and install, making it one of the most cost-effective out-of-home advertising options. Don’t think that just because wraps are cheaper than they are any less effective.

Marketing value

3M conducted a study in San Francisco to understand the marketing potential of vehicle wraps. The results were positively shocking! A single commercial truck was seen to generate up to 16 million impressions over a period of three months. Edmonton may not be as populous as San Francisco, but now you know the potential of these wraps for reaching a vast audience.

Persistent advertising

Vehicle vinyl wraps advertise day and night, wherever you go. That kind of persistence is essential if you want to build top of mind recall. Traditional advertising in print media, radio and TV is literally just a flash in the pan and struggles to create lasting brand awareness. With car, van, and truck wraps, your business gets free publicity every time the vehicle is on the road.

Protect your depreciating assets

Vehicles are depreciating assets – and that is doubly true for commercial vehicles. Spending thousands of kilometres on the road takes a toll on the paintwork and body, and vehicles tend to look older than they are. Vinyl wraps are durable and protect the vehicle from chips and dents from road salt, stones, and debris. Not only that, but they also protect the body from rust, increasing the longevity of your investment.

Install it and that’s it!

We use only high-quality vinyl films from major manufacturers like 3M that come with long warranties. Maintain the wrap as instructed and don’t be surprised to see it last 7 years or more! That’s one investment that will last the lifespan of your vehicle and can help preserve its value when comes time to sell it off.

Vinyl wraps in Edmonton

Stop looking for “vinyl wraps near me.” 3Sixty Sign Solutions is one of the only full-service wrapping companies in Edmonton. Our team will design, print, install, and maintain wraps for your vehicle or your fleet. Call us and find out about the different types of wraps we have and why we are one of the best shops for vinyl wraps near you.



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