Why Businesses Should Never Ignore Directional Signage


Are you losing business because your shoppers and visitors are frustrated by poor directions on your premises? Make no mistake, confused and angry visitors will remember your business for all the wrong reasons – and dissuade their friends from visiting you too.

Directional signage may not seem like a priority, like it’s less important than advertising signs, but it is essential for completing your sales funnel. Depending on your business, you must focus on one or both: outdoor directional signs and interior directional signage.

Types of Indoor and Outdoor Directional Signage

Outdoor signage is used to guide vehicle and foot traffic flow, identify businesses, and locate establishments in a plaza. Indoor signs guide people in a smaller space, such as to aisles, rooms and washrooms. Some types of signs are:

Outdoor signs

  • Pole and post signs (like ‘Stop’ and ‘Accessible parking’)
  • Digital directional signage (matrix signs and LED price displays)
  • Business directory signs

Indoor signs

  • Elevator signs
  • Washroom signs
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Business directory signs

Indoor directional signage and outdoor signs are designed to bear very different wear and tear. Their purpose varies greatly, and you will see different design elements prioritized. An example is much larger fonts on outdoor signs so the lettering can be read at speed.

Looking for temporary signage? Vinyl banners and even wall decals can serve as temporary wayfinding signs.

Benefits of directional signage

Not every business in Edmonton needs the same directional signs. A large warehouse, a strip mall, a doctor’s office and a grocery store will have different signage requirements. Small retail stores may need only one or two signs, but even these can make a big difference to the customer experience.

  • Wayfinding – Show your visitors where they are supposed to go
  • Reduce confusion – Stop visitors getting frustrated lost and confused about where they are supposed to go
  • Clear layout – Digital directional signage such as maps and interactive displays are perfect for clarifying the layout of a large space
  • Accessibility – AODA and ADA signs to make your space accessible and navigable for all visitors
  • Branding – Even though they are meant to help your customers get around, directional signs should still reflect your brand

Floor signs are a creative way to direct people and market products at the same time.

Sign Design Essentials

Directional signage is not to be confused with promotional or branding signs. That does not mean you cannot include brand colors and fonts, but the priority is maximizing their wayfinding utility, not promoting the brand.

Here are a few things you should think about for your directional signage. Depending on whether your signs are installed indoors or outdoors, some of these elements will be more important than others:

  • Signs displayed prominently
  • Lit or unlit signs
  • Large fonts
  • Contrasting background and font
  • Use of symbols

Directional Signs in Edmonton

3Sixty Sign Solutions works with businesses across the city to design and create directional signs for the business. We help business owners identify the signage they need and how their brand can be incorporated.



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