Why Wall Murals Are So Popular for Office Interiors

Vinyl wall decals are supremely popular in offices because of their versatility. If you can dream it, you can bring it to life on a wall mural. This flexibility in design goes hand in hand with affordability, which makes them a compelling option for any office space. Not sure if wall graphics are right for your space? Here are 10 reasons why you want vinyl wall murals for your office.

  1. Highlight creativity

Custom mural wallpaper is a great way to showcase the creativity of the business. For businesses in the design and creative space, it is a great way to display portfolios; other businesses can use them as wall art.

  1. Showcase your brand

Murals have been used to share messages for centuries, whether in cathedrals or as street art. It’s why wall graphics are great for extolling the virtues of your brand. Promote your colours, logo and ethos through unique designs.

  1. Energize your space

Well-designed murals can bring fresh energy into an otherwise sedate space. Stuck with a windowless room? No problem, use wall artwork to add visual flair and boost the energy of the room.

  1. Maximize space

Office not big enough to keep a lot of decorations? Mural wallpapers require virtually no space at all save for a blank wall that you already have. They don’t interrupt electrical ports, block Wi-Fi or become tripping hazards either.

  1. Easy to refresh

Full wall coverings are a great way to refresh a space without going through the hassle of repainting. Even better, complete vinyl wall wraps can be installed in a few hours and there’s no lingering paint smell to contend with.

  1. Boost employee productivity

Given the office is where people spend nearly half their waking day, décor can have huge impact on creativity and productivity. The presence of artwork has been shown to improve productivity, morale and mood.

  1. Great first impression

Visitors will notice if a business owner has (or has not) invested in the office décor. Bland walls and empty space can be real turn-offs. Interesting 3D wall murals will suggest innovation and thoughtfulness.

  1. Recruiting talent

In today’s competitive job market, it is no longer enough to just call someone in for an interview. Your space must set a positive first impression on potential employees and make them want to be part of your team.

  1. Low maintenance

“Fit it and forget it,” is the mantra we repeat to our clients. Vinyl wall coverings are extremely durable. Spills, dust, and scratches – they’ll just brush everything off. No regular maintenance required.

  1. Inexpensive art

Custom graphics, even 3D wall murals, are one of the most inexpensive ways of doing up the office. Not only are the wraps very affordable, installation is quick and cheap too. It’s why so many offices opt for seasonal art.

Custom wall murals in Edmonton

3Sixty Sign Solutions is one of the only sign companies in Edmonton that provides fully custom printed and custom cut wall graphics. We work with business owners around the city to reproduce photographs, charts, graphics, inspiring quotes and art installations. Don’t have an own design or not sure what you should get for your office? Call us and a representative can offer ideas and a quote.



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