Wordcraft Achieves Significant Milestone with 1,500,000 Words Translated

May’2021, Hong Kong:Only in its sixth year of existence, Hong Kong-based copywriting agency Wordcraft achieved a significant milestone with 1,500,000 words translatedestablishing itself as a leader in translation services.

The company attributes its success in the field of translation to several factors that include impeccable quality, short turnaround time, and competitive rates. These factors have led many of Wordcraft’s clients to refer its translation services to other departments or affiliates.

Translations are often challenging as they involve not only being faithful to the source version, but also adapting the language and structure so that the target version may sound fluid and native. Wordcraft has made it its expertise to produce so-called “transcreations”, relying on its pool of proficient Chinese translators and native English editors.

Specialized in English and Chinese (both traditional and simplified) copywriting and translation, Wordcraft also offers services in a variety of European and Asian languages, such as German, Italian, Thai, Bahasa, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Besides translation, Wordcraft offers a wide range of multilingual copywriting services, as well as assistance on communications strategy and investor relations, both sensitive areas for its clients.

About Wordcraft

Wordcraft skillfully writes compelling content for effective communication. The company is an award-winning copywriting agency based in Hong Kong dedicated to writing creative, well-researched and elegant copy in English, Chinese and many other languages. Wordcraft also offers advice on communication strategy with specialties in crisis management and investor relations.



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