Work from Anywhere – The New Normal

July 2020, the Netherlands: Pro Selection is a recruitment agency based in the Netherlands, specialized in connecting employers and professionals who thrive to grow in their fields. Being a recruitment agency, they highlight the company’s savoir-faire with regards to work from anywhere.

The recent blow-up of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of the economy and jobs worldwide. Amidst the uncertainty of coming the good old days back to normal, companies allow their employees to work remotely, considering the health and safety of employees.

Thus, there have been many swift changes and shifts in corporate cultures and working styles. It’s not shocking that a popular revolution regarding the Work from Home notion is taking place. According to sources, large tech companies like Twitter say they will permanently offer Work from Home as an option.

When trying to achieve consistent and sustainable benefits by working from anywhere, companies must assist in combining the right technology and the ability to transition their culture from the workplace into their employees’ homes. In the absence of the supporting structure to optimize performance and engagement, the work from anywhere model can quickly falter.

The fact that several people have lost their jobs cannot be ignored. Several job positions are on hold; employees are put on unpaid leave or have received a reduced salary as a consequence of the situation. The work from anywhere model has safeguarded many jobs and saved companies on a massive scale.

If you want to acquire the most talented candidates for your organization, visit Pro Selection’s website at or call them on +31 70 800 2172.

About the Company:

Pro Selection is a recruitment agency established to serve the EMEA region. We recruit candidates who speak a diverse set of languages for local and internationally established companies. With the increasing demand for diversity in workplaces, we provide a tailored solution in the specialization of Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology, and the Hospitality Industry. We take pride in our process in locating highly skilled talent for our clients in reasonable timing. Our offices in The Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates serve as our hub for international relations in the EMEA. Our industry-experienced consultants seamlessly engage with the hiring team and candidates, reaching above 95% successful hiring.


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