Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which other users have asked.

What is Conclud? Conclud is a rich-media social networking site where users can engage with other members of the community by sharing stories, videos, photos, links, etc. Tell your stories in a creative way.

How much does it cost to use Conclud? Conclud is free for everyone.

How to register? Simply click the register button. You can register using your email.

How to sign in? Simply hit the Sign in button. You can sign in using your username and password.

Facebook login: We no longer support the use of Facebook social login / registration as at March 28, 2019. If you have previously used Facebook to connect with our site and have created some posts; please create a new User account with your email / password and then contact us to have your old posts transferred unto your new user account. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may caused you.

How do I change Site View: The default site view is List View. You can switch to other view modes, e.g. Grid view, Grid without sidebar view, Big grid view, simply click on the grey button on the top right bar below your profile icon.

How do I submit a post? To submit a post, simply click the green button marked with Plus sign (+) on the top right hand corner of your device. It will drop menu: Stories, Video, Image. Simply select the post type you want.

Post types: Stories, Videos, or Images

Embedding stuffs: You can embed videos, images, contents, etc in the body of your posts where provided.

Tagging a User: Following a new feature request, you can now tag a User or Users in a comment simply by adding their username beginning with @ Mentioned user will receive an email notification

Why did you remove my post? We routinely remove posts which breaches our Community Rules, Please read our Community Rules

Followings: You can follow other users whose profile or posts you find interesting. The list of your followings would be displayed on your profile. You can unfollow any user at anytime.

Followers: Other users who followed you would be displayed on your profile. Other users can stop following you too.

User Dashboard: You can edit your Profile, add Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Bio, etc.

Private Messages: You can send, receive, and reply private messages from other users.

User Points: A User can currently earn points when any of the following activities takes place: submit a post, comment on a post, and when they are followed by another User.

User badges and Awards: Any badges and Awards which you have earned would be displayed prominently on your profile and Author page when you made a post.

Verified Account: Verified account is not a right but a privileged social media courtesy which is currently only accorded to Users who had set a good footprint in the social media and has in one way or the other bring about a positive contribution to conclud community. We neither carried out any background checks on any user nor endorse any user account.

Search: You can search the site for posts using keywords or search for other users.

NSFW: You can mark a post NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) if it is not suitable for general viewing. This is necessary to protect the site’s integrity and avoid upsetting other users who may accidentally come across your post. It is advisable that you follow the best community rules.

How to Report a Post or Profile? Currently, you can send a message to us to report any inappropriate post or User and we will deal with that in strict confidence.

New features: our developers are working on a wide range of new features, e g. Push Notifications, Report a post, delete account, Follow suggestions, etc. to further enhance your user experience. If you have great ideas and you wish to share these with us or suggest a new feature, then please drop us a note.

Why did you block my account? We often temporarily block user accounts for minor offences and surprisingly, the punishment can be staggering. Imagine if you receive a notice that your account has been blocked for 43 years … ugh?? So, please take care.

Why did you delete my account? We may delete your user account if it breaches our TOS, Privacy Policy, Community Rules, or any other policy for that matter.

How to delete your account? You are free to delete your user account in case you no longer need it. Our developers are currently working to add a delete feature to your profile, so that you will be able to delete it by yourself. In the meantime, if you wish to delete your account, simply contact us with your request and we will do this for you.