Registration: A User aged 13+ can register on this site using their email and their chosen password.

Login: User can login to the site using their registered email and chosen password.

Forgot Password: You can reset your password if you forgot it. Simply click on the forgot password link.

User Profile: You can add your Profile Photo, Cover Photo, Profile information

User Dashboard, badges, awards, bio links, social links: You will find your Bio, Badges and Awards, User Points, Likes, Comments, Followers, Followings here.

User follow system: You can follow other Users and they can follow you too. Similarly, you can unfollow other Users and they can unfollow you too.

Category follow system: You can now follow and unfollow any Category that you wish to track and see feeds from such categories when new posts are added. To follow a category, simply click on the Categories tab from the Header Menu.

Tag follow system: You are now able to follow and unfollow any Tag that you wish to track and see feeds from such tags when new posts are added. To follow a tag, simply scroll down to the Tag widget in the Right Side Bar and click on any tag that you want.

User Points system: User can earn points in response to some activities taken by them. Currently, Users earn points for posts, comments, and when they gain new followers.

Users: You can see a directory of other members of the community when you click on Users tab.

Verified User: A Verified badge is shown on a User photo with Verified Status. Our Verified User badge is a social courtesy and by no way confer any endorsements on the User. We never carry out any background check on any User.

Categories: We have a robust Category feature which classified a wide range of subjects into Classes.

Private Messaging system: A User can send, receive, and reply to private messages from other Users.

Reactions: A set of emojis can be used to express your feelings in addition to the normal texts method.

Frontend post submission, Edit or delete post: Users can post stuffs, edit or delete their posts. To make a post, simply click the Green Plus Sign + button on the top right hand corner of your device. You must be logged in to do so.

Post types: News (Stories), Videos, and Images (Photos).

Post page: This is the page where you can read the full post.

Author bio: This is found below a post and it usually shows Author photo, bio, Awards and Badges, Points, among other data

Editor’s Choice: A few outstanding articles tagged with blue coloured badge marked ‘EDITOR’S CHOICE’ can now be seen scrolling on the mini slider on the Homepage.

Related posts: Our system displays similar posts by tag to the one you are reading further down the page.

Video Player: You can upload a video directly from your device or computer. You can also upload a video by simply pasting the video URL or embed code. Our custom video and audio player supports mp3 music file upload, mp4, flv

Photo Gallery: You can upload a number of photos in a post. This can be viewed in a gallery format with the help of a smart slider. You can swipe left and right on a smartphone.

Night Mode: You can now switch to Night Mode by using the Moon Crescent Icon on the Header Top Right Side below your Profile Photo.

Save Draft: You can now save a post as Draft which you can then edit and submit later on. You can see your Draft Posts on your User Dashboard.

Forum: We have integrated a functional forum software with the site which would afford users more interactions and chat about topics they are interested in. Any user can create a topic, post, or reply to posts on the forum.

Notifications: You will receive web notifications alert on your conclud account when certain activities takes place on your account e.g. when a user started to follow you, comment on your post, reply to your comment, liked your posts, etc.

Inbox Notification: You will receive notifications in your Inbox when you have a new message.

Email Notification: You will receive email notification when a User comment on your post.

Supports NSFW: If a post is not suitable for general viewing, please hide it by using the option NSFW. This is particular necessary in order to avoid offending other people who may find such post deeply distressing.

Views Counter: Post meta shows number of views.

Social Share buttons: You can share posts with foreign communities like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You are encouraged to share your posts using these social share buttons once you’ve published them. This will further help your posts to be seen by more people.

Post like system: You can Like and Unlike a post.

Bookmark: You can now bookmark posts and pages which you want to referenced at a later time. To bookmark a post or page, simply click on the bookmark icon. You can sort your bookmarks in different folders/categories, e.g. Articles, Videos, Photos, etc. There’s a Counter which shows the number of bookmarks you have. You can edit/manage your bookmarks on your My Bookmarks page.

Inline Post Suggestions: Our post recommended engine now show you topics similar to the one you are reading within the post. They are colour coded and begin with the Call to Action “Read: …”

Comment: You can comment on posts.

@Mention: You can tag other Users in a comment. To tag a User, simply use the symbol @ followed by the username you want to tag. Example @newyork121 Once you starts typing the username, the system will bring up possible usernames match for you to choose from. An email will automatically be sent to user mentioned in a comment.

#Hashtags: You can now tag your posts using #hashtags. All #hashtags would be converted to links with respect to relevant archive tags without the # symbol in order to be compatible with WordPress standard tags.