10 Things You Should Know About Tree Canopy

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When you imagine trees, it’s impossible not to think about the canopies. The tree canopy is the crown, which is where the branches and leaves are. So when you look up while in the forest, you can see the green roof indicating a healthy ecosystem.

But aside from the aesthetically pleasing look of the tree canopies, they also bring other benefits to the world. From providing natural habitat to the prevention of natural calamities, the influences of trees, and tree canopies are exceptional.

In this article, we’ll discuss the things you should know about tree canopies, and why should we take care of them.

1. Definition and Importance

As mentioned, the tree canopy is the upper part of the trees. It protects the lower part and other layers of the tree. Since leaves need sunlight to photosynthesise, the setup benefits all the parts of the trees.

Aside from protecting the other parts of the tree, the tree canopy can also protect other species and serve as their natural habitat. So, if you happen to have some trees in your yard, as much as possible, avoid opting for tree removal, and prune them appropriately,

2. Biodiversity Hotspot

Many species rely on the benefits of trees and their canopies. Some of them are birds, frogs, and sloths. If there are no tree canopies, these species might suffer and become endangered in the long run.

Usually, these species have adapted to the environment around the tree, so they might not cope when tree removal occurs. Meanwhile, the tree canopy also adapted to the needs of the species around it, so adjustments should be made when unexpected things happen.

3. Carbon Sink

Another vital role of tree canopies is that they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2)which can help in mitigating climate change. When trees absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves, they can also store the CO2 in the tissues of the leaves.

With the number of trees present all over the world, they collectively act as carbon sinks that help eliminate the rising level of CO2 that can prevent climate change.

Aside from absorbing the CO2, there are other ways tree canopies can prevent climate change. Some of these are providing shade to lessen the use of air conditioners to save energy, and block noise pollution.

4. Water Cycle Regulation

Tree canopies also play a vital role in the water cycle. Since leaves can store water, they can greatly affect the transpiration process, which is when the leaves release water vapour into the atmosphere.

When that happens, it can also affect precipitation patterns and cloud formation. Unfortunately, due to deforestation, the natural water cycle can be interrupted. So before deciding to remove trees and perforce extreme pruning, make sure that it’s necessary.

5. Erosion Prevention

One of the most basic things taught in school is that trees prevent soil erosion. But even when there are trees if the tree canopy isn’t enough to hold the water, the soil can still degrade. Additionally, the canopy serves as a barrier against heavy wind and rainfall, keeping the topsoil protected.

6. Cultural and Recreational Value

Tree canopies can also inspire people artistically and spiritually. It’s also one of the reasons why people feeling stressed are recommended to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the trees and surroundings.

7. Threats to the Canopy

The daily activities of humans can pose a threat to tree canopies, and trees in general. Due to logging, urbanisation, and agriculture, parts of the forests are cleared. When tree removal happens often, it may result in various problems in the environment.

8. Conservation Efforts

Although there are negative activities that may affect the tree canopies, there are also conservation efforts worldwide. People protecting the environment lead projects and programmes that can restore the damage done by the activities that negatively affect tree canopies.

9. Urban Canopy

The preservation of tree canopy doesn’t end in the forests. Instead, it’s extended to urban areas which is why they’re called urban tree canopies. They provide shade and lessen the heat in the city areas.

If you happen to come across urban tree canopies, you can observe that they’re significantly more dusty than the ones in forests. This is also the reason why urban tree canopies should be taken care of regularly.

10. Your Role

Humans also have a role in the preservation of tree canopies. You can support the reforestation activities and programmes that advocate initiatives. Moreover, you can start protecting the trees in your area, and share the activities you’ve done with others.

Final thoughts

The tree canopies are more than just the aesthetics. They provide a lot of benefits to humans and the environment. Once you understand its importance, it’s best to share them to prevent the threats of climate change.

We hope this article helps you get to know more about tree canopy and its benefits. If you want to discuss more about the proper ways to care for trees, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!


Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer working for Sydney Tree Solutions, a company that provides tree removal and arborist services throughout Sydney. As a writer, she is passionate about providing good quality articles that help readers make the right choice.



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