3 Common Causes of Frequent Urination in Women

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is a health condition that most women complain about. It is not a severe or dangerous health condition but it can cause irritation. Because it is not easy or feasible for any woman to go to the washroom again and again. 

For instance, if a woman is an employee in any office it can lead to embarrassment in front of her colleagues if she goes to the washroom after some minutes. Therefore, some women say that it is the worst thing they experience that is not dangerous. According to the best urologist doctor in lahore, if you go again and again, to the washroom it means that your bladder is controlling you.

Usually, healthy people control their bladder. But some people, due to various reasons, lose control over their bladder. An important question, definitely, would come into the mind of women; this question is how we can decide whether we are experiencing frequent urination or not.

There is no direct answer that we can give to this question. Because every woman has her own schedule to urinate. However, it is quite normal for a woman if she goes to the washroom to urinate six to eight times every twenty-four hours.

However, if being a woman, you need to urinate more than that then there can be frequent urination. This symptom can occur on its own and there would be no underlying condition or disease for this problem.

But if a woman experiences frequent urination along with other mild to moderate symptoms such as burning sensations while peeing, it may be a sign of some pelvic health conditions.  Facing fever with frequent urination can also indicate some health problems. Therefore, discussing the reasons for frequent urination would be beneficial thing for you.

Causes of Frequent Urination

Before going to find appropriate treatment for frequent urination, urologists always recommend knowing the reasons that are causing this problem. For instance, if a woman is facing this problem and starts taking the medication without diagnosing the reason; there are chances that medications would not work effectively against the problem.

The reasons are different behind frequent urination. Let’s say, if stress or another similar condition is causing this problem, doctors would recommend medications that will help in reducing stress along with your urge to urinate.

On the other hand, if a woman is consuming too many fluids and facing frequent urination, then the chances are high that urologists would recommend consuming fluids wisely.

1- Consuming Caffeine in Higher Amounts

You may hear the name of diuretics. It is a thing that always urges your need to urinate. When you consume it you come to realize that you have taken a thing that is causing you urination. Many people are aware of diuretics but they don’t know which things are diuretics.

Caffeine is among the first things that are diuretics and cause frequent urination. Therefore, if you are consuming caffeine in higher amounts and complaining about frequent urination then you have to realize that high consumption of caffeine is causing frequent urination.

The best thing you can do to stop frequent urination is to minimize or stop the use of caffeine. When you would cut down the consumption of caffeine, there will be positive effects and no unusual urination.

In addition to caffeine consumption, artificial sweeteners can also lead to frequent urination. Don’t you know how artificial sweeteners increase your urge to urinate? Artificial sweeteners always urge you to urinate because they act as diuretics.

Urologists report that patients come and tell them that they are experiencing frequent urination. When urologists ask about the routine they are following in daily life. They say that they are using artificial sweeteners because these sweeteners are less likely to cause side effects than natural sweeteners.

But when urologists tell them that there are high chances that they are experiencing this problem due to the consumption of artificial sweeteners. When they stop the consumption of these sweeteners there is a reduction in their urge to urinate.

2- Urinary Tract Infections

Almost every woman goes through urinary tract infections at least once in her life. When bacteria or other germs attack the part of the urinary system, there are symptoms related to urinary tract infections. Additionally, these bacteria or germs can affect the bladder or urethra.

A urinary tract infection can also include the symptoms of burning or fever. This health condition can also decrease your control over your bladder and you may feel increased pressure or discomfort. Increased pressure or discomfort are things that can cause frequent urination.

3- Bladder Stones

When natural minerals, that are present in the urine, form they cause bladder stones. Usually, these minerals cause small and hard lumps. They are more common in males and cause discomfort in the abdominal region.

This discomfort can also lead to an increased urge to urinate frequently.



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