4 Expat Resource Directories & Why They Are Essential for Expats

Moving to Singapore as a British expat is exciting but also challenging. Adjusting to a different culture, making friends, learning a new language, and going through bureaucratic processes can be overwhelming. Luckily, expat directories provide a variety of essential services and information to enable expats to smoothly transition into living in a new country. In this article, let’s discover 4 highly useful expat resource directories. Each of these provide unique benefits and features to make life in Singapore more enjoyable for expats.

Top resource directories 

  1. expat.com  

This comprehensive online directory provides resources, services, and an actively engaged expat community that has discussion boards and forums. Apart from all-inclusive destination guides, on this platform you will find information on local cultures, dating etiquette, visas, education programs, job opportunities, healthcare systems and much more.

  1. expatica.com

This must-read resource was designed specifically to provide support for English speaking expats. It has guides on moving to, and working and living in different countries. More expert written guides on subjects such as jobs, housing, education, life as an expat, and tax advice for expats in Singapore and elsewhere are also present. Its directory tool includes expat-friendly services like job search for employment opportunities and housing search for finding perfect homes.

  1. expatwoman.com

This expat directory aims to provide support for women and their families facing challenges that come with being an expat. They are focused on educating, connecting, and empowering by providing offline and online networking opportunities. This website boasts holistic guides, blogs, active community forums, real expat stories, expert interviews, and information on job listings, events, and much more. There is also a job boards and classifieds section for selling and buying items from other expats. This platform is a valuable resource for women living abroad.   

  1. justlanded.com

This expat directory is a comprehensive yet convenient resource that simplifies moving and settling globally. They provide country guides inclusive of visa requirements, education programs, and healthcare systems. Information and tailored support for housing, employment, networking, and buying and selling are offered here.  


Undoubtedly, expat resource directories prove highly useful for expats and soon-to-be expats. They provide specialised services, vital information, and friendly and active communities. Also, they help expats find like-minded individuals who are in similar situations. 

Tax advice for British expats in Singapore is also provided so that they are able to remain compliant and updated with Great Britain’s tax laws. Whether new or experienced, expats can benefit significantly through the expert customised guidance and support provided by financial planners and advisors.



Written by Pradip Naskar

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