4 Tips to be More Successful in Your Dental Clinic

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Many successful people attribute their achievements to what they learn from others. There is much to be said for the positive impact our teachers, friends, and confidants have on our lives. However, in the end, you must find your own way.

Here are 4 tips to help you on your quest to be more successful in the Dental Clinic field.

#1 – Set very Specific Detailed Goals

There are thousands of books, articles, and podcasts on the science of goal setting. Like most things, people want to make it a lot more complicated than it is because it makes them look better and smarter, or they want to sell you something. The truth is that goal setting is really quite simple.

Goal setting is not magical, mystical, or spiritual. Goal setting is a simple science where you commit to achieving something that you normally don’t know how to achieve.

I encourage you to set 10 goals each year. Of those 10 goals, 3 should be small, 3 should be medium, and 3 should be large. The tenth will be the biggest goal, a long-term goal for 5 or more years. Don’t be afraid to dream big, use the other nine goals to get closer to achieving it over time.

Finally, review your goals each week, assess your progress, and keep moving forward. Progress comes at different times and in different ways, but if you are very focused on your goals, it will always come.

#2 – Know your Numbers

The numbers tell a story and there are some that are absolutely mandatory. These include production, income and number of new patients in the case of dental clinics. Also the number of patients attended by each specialist.

#3 – Keep your Patients

Dentists focus too much on getting new patients and that is vitally important, but they focus too little on keeping the patients they have. The average practice loses 15% of its patients per year. It makes sense to keep the patients you have.

Patient reactivation is a daily activity. There is a process for doing this with phone calls, emails, and texts, and it works.

#4 – Implement systems and constantly update them

If you want to build a highly successful practice and maintain it, then you need to implement documented, tested, step-by-step systems.

Documented means that anyone can access the systems at any time to study, learn and improve. If you are looking for Dental Supplies USA, Check them here.

Tested means that the systems existed elsewhere and work. No need to reinvent the wheel.

The step-by-step provides the instructional guide for new team members to train current team members 100% faster to move up to a higher level and avoid burnout. If you’ve bought a new car lately, you know what you have to go through just to learn electronics and technology. Dentistry is no different. Where is your instruction manual? The answer lies in their documented, tested, step-by-step systems.

The 4 tips offered above are universal, but keep in mind that they all need to be tailored to your practice in a specific way.



Written by Mark Ellis

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