5 Best SQL Client Tools for Mac

If you are using a Mac for programming and database management than you already know how efficient and reliable the operating system is for those tasks. But like many users, you’re probably wondering if there are any tools you can use to simplify your work and save time. Or perhaps you’re working with aspiring programmers who have yet to master programming and writing code. This is where it can be practical to invest in the best SQL client for Mac!

Nowadays, you can find a good range of options for SQL clients that can run on Mac OS. Some may require you to install software or an app on board, while web-based versions are more versatile and can be accessed from any computer. Here is an overview of the best SQL clients you can consider:

1. DBHawk

DBHawk is considered the best SQL client for Mac for being intuitive and easy to use. It is web-based, so it is easily accessible from a browser, which means that you do not have to install anything on your machine!

This SQL client lets you build and manage database queries without writing any code. You can create queries in just a few clicks, while a drag and drop feature lets you apply aggregate functions, build queries, conduct SQL expression, and other actions.

With DBHawk are your SQL client for Mac, you get centralized auditing and security, and a reliable platform for cross-database join queries and team sharing, with a built-in scheduler, dashboard, and charts. You can even try it for free or request a demo.

2. Navicat for MySQL

This is another SQL client tool for Mac can upload PHP scripts to enable HTTP tunneling, and it lets you connect to MariaDB and MySQL database simultaneously.

3. DBeaver

This is a good SQL client software and database administration tool that lets you develop, store, execute, and export and reuse scripts. It provides an intuitive and simplified means to view and edit data, augmented with filtering and sorting functions.

4. TablePlus

With a friendly, native, and modern GUI for relational databases, it’s easy to see why TablePlus is on the list of best SQL client tools for Mac. It is lightweight and quick, letting you work efficiently while providing reliable security.

5. HeidiSQL

A free, open-source tool for administering SQL, this option lets you view and edit data and structures running MySQL.

About the Author:

This article is written by Manish Shah, the CEO of Datasparc Inc. Datasparc offers data security, database management, data governance and data analytics; all in one solution. They offer DBHawk™, a web based SQL tool & database reporting software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.



Written by Manish Shah

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