5 Brands That Are Breaking Every Norm Of Marketing In 2023

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Whether it is their brand logo, use of social media, graphic designs, official website, or marketing events, these brands are making waves as we speak. They know very well and understand just what their customers are looking for. These international brands according to the best branding agencies Los Angeles, have taken branding to the next level and they provide their prospects with a level of satisfaction that no other brand in the industry is capable of. 

They make marketing look easy and encourage others to get inspired and follow in their footsteps. You can do that too by just taking some wisdom from them. Let’s understand what they are doing differently and how you can taste the same success that they have:

Gopro And Its Pro-Level Engagement

Undoubtedly, GoPro is one of the most versatile camera systems available in the world today. Do you know how clever they have become with the usage of their YouTube promotions? You will come across numerous videos of nature photographers and animal videographers making use of GoPro camera systems all around the globe. They use Twitter primarily for product announcements and to communicate with their customers. The demonstration of their camera systems is available on their YouTube channel which has more than 10 million global subscribers. The video count continues to increase and this is what makes this brand so unique. The one thing that they are known for which is excellent video making is what they are putting on display on their YouTube channel. GoPro is one brand that has taken user-generated content and utilized it in the best possible manner. 

Nike For The Athlete In You

This is one brand that is usually associated with athletes and sports teams all over the globe. The biggest thing that this brand has done according to the best branding agencies in LA is engage the attention of its audience through the people who have made this brand big. In this case, it is not movie stars but sports personalities from all around the world. They don’t make use of Facebook or YouTube channels extensively. In fact, the one thing that makes them so popular and unique is word of mouth and their clever use of Instagram followers. Another thing that this brand has done is break free from the traditional clutches of promotion by preferring to pay attention to the feedback of common users from every walk of life. Nike also uses online discussion platforms to answer the various questions and concerns of their consumers. They have become one of the friendliest brands in the world today only because of their personalized communication and the way they solve the queries of their shoppers.

Tupperware Is Where Quality Begins

Tupperware is one of the most extraordinary brands that you will ever come across. They have taken print advertising to the next level. Tupperware invested its resources in direct selling. They did not believe in promoting their product or marketing it extensively. Soon, this brand was able to become the number one selling sensation in kitchenware and people started recognizing Tupperware with the highest quality kitchen-grade plastics all around the world. With limited-time offers and discounts on its various products, Tupperware was able to establish a brand value that no other player in its industry could.

Dove For The Empowered Woman

The one thing that this highly intelligent brand played on is the emotion of women all over the world. This is to say that they made it all about the fairer sex. Women empowerment is what they brought to the table along with a feel-good campaign. This factor was what anyone could spot in their advertisements and promotional content. This is what made their branding so unique and distinctive. Dove was never about conforming to the norms of the society but to encourage self-esteem and self-worth. This brand was all about breaking beauty stereotypes across continents and this is what led to its massive success globally.

Ferrero Rocher Is Chocolate At Its Finest

Have you ever had a closer look at a Ferrero Rocher advertisement in a newspaper? It is always talking about some new aspect or recipe or flavor of chocolates that cannot be found in any other brand in the market. This company is also known to have its products spread across 170 nations with millions of loyal and returning customers. The one thing that separates this brand from the rest of the chocolate brands is the sophistication and elitism attached to it. These chocolates are not only attractive but classy as well. This was their brand strategy from the day it was conceived. The USP of their chocolates is authenticity, the highest quality, form, and uniqueness.


Now you know how these brands have been able to become such glaring successes in their respective industries. They have been able to manufacture a brand image that is not rivaled by anyone in their sector. The best branding agencies Los Angeles suggest you try to do the same. It is only going to take a little bit of research and a lot of commitment. You can become the next Starbucks or perhaps a sports brand that dethrones Nike.



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