7 Benefits of CandidateZip-HubSpot Integration

CandidateZip resume parser integration with HubSpot
CandidateZip resume parser integration with HubSpot

By integrating CandidateZip with HubSpot, recruiters can improve their candidate’s resume data extraction process by accurately parsing resumes at lightning speed. This marks another step in the company’s mission to decrease the manual process involved in the pre-hiring procedure.

What makes CandidateZip the most advantageous Integration on HubSpot?

Apart from fastening the pre-recruitment process, CandidateZip Integration boosts efficiency and avoids errors due to human negligence. This simple add-on helps by saving on hundreds of hours one may consume in curating the data manually. With an impressive 300ms average speed of parsing one resume, the recruiters can extract resume data of multiple candidates at once.

CandidateZip offers a complete and connected hiring workflow for recruiters. A no-code platform empowers visionary recruiters to maximize their talent acquisition numbers and maintain a diversified workforce.

The initial pricing of the packs starts from as low as $30/month, encouraging industry-leading companies and new ventures to adapt to this innovative AI. On this launch, Paramdeep Singh, CEO of CandidateZip stated, “CandidateZip integration with HubSpot provides recruiters with the ability to automate the most time-consuming task of extracting candidate’s information into a searchable and structured format. Within seconds, more than 140 candidate fields can be accurately drawn-out. Automating this data helps recruiters improve data accuracy and drive commercial performance.”

Some Key benefits of CandidateZip-HubSpot Integration:

  • Seamless coding-free integration with the HubSpot account.
  • The Integration lets you create contacts to your Hubspot CRM directly by adding resume files.
  • An automated resume parsing tool with HubSpot adds more power to your profile.   
  • State of the art security with SSL usage and no data storing policy.

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Thus, improved monitoring, better quality, reduction of human error, and better talent management are attained by integrating an automated resume extraction process offered by CandidateZip.

To start with, CandidateZip is offering a seven days Free Trial without requiring any credit card details.

Click here to save precious time by letting technology handle the routine work.

About CandidateZip

CandidateZip offers a fast and easy hiring workflow for recruiters. It works with recruiters who need to manage resumes/jobs using hiring workflows in a simple and unchallenging manner without any technical hassle. Recruiters can easily set up workflows to automate the hiring process and make the most of the candidate applications received. CandidateZip helps the talent scouts save their time using innovative tools to do what they love (close more jobs).

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