Beyond the Horizon: Unlocking Operational Excellence with Thuraya Field Communications


Thuraya’s robust IP-based, secure two-way communications M2M network enables real-time deployment of IoT applications beyond the confines of traditional cellular networks. This is especially important to sectors such as mining, oil and gas where reliable network connectivity is critical for monitoring assets or ensuring workers’ safety.

With OneAssist, field employees can collaborate with offsite experts via real time video streaming and onsite drawing (telestration). This is complemented by mobile satellite telephony over a dynamic dual mode handset.

Remote Operations

Whether you are exploring remote corners of the globe or engaging in humanitarian operations in isolated regions, the need for reliable communication knows no boundaries. Thuraya offers dependable satellite connectivity that ensures team members stay connected and productive.

The key to implementing change in any organization is communication. McKinsey found that transformations are 5.3 times more likely to succeed when senior leaders communicate a clear vision and a consistent story to employees.

Field Workers

Field workers are individuals whose jobs require them to work away from the office. Their responsibilities typically include collecting data and conducting research in various environments.

They need to be able to work well in different weather conditions and be comfortable with manual labor. They also need to be able to follow relevant safety protocols and regulations.

They also need to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, especially when there are language or cultural barriers. This is why many organizations use communication tools like Thuraya Librestream Onsight to connect with remote workers.

Satellite Communication

For Communications-On-The-Move and connectivity in the most extreme environments, Thuraya IP Commander offers a ruggedized vehicular satellite terminal with MIL-SPEC features. It enables mission critical voice and data communications on the go with its reliable access to Thuraya’s global satellite network.

The search for energy resources takes exploration and production to even remote locations. Thuraya offers affordable solutions that enable oilfield staff to communicate effectively on the move, whether they are in the field or back at the office.


Integrated VSAT solutions provide robust connectivity to crew members, across oceans and ports. They also deliver seamless integration between terrestrial and satellite communications, allowing users to switch between networks at will.

VSAT is built for Communications-On-The-Move, with easy-to-install hardware that can be plugged in to vehicles. Designed for high-speed Internet access, it is ideal for relief operations and remote sites.

As energy exploration moves into ever more remote and harsh environments, mobile satellite communications is the only option for dependable communication links. Thuraya products and services meet these demands with reliability and cost effectiveness.

M2M Communication

M2M is a subset of IOT that focuses on communication between devices without human intervention. From vehicle tracking to remotely monitoring healthcare patients and enabling better point-of-sale data, M2M is changing business for the better.

Thuraya’s real-time M2M service, powered by the world-class FT2225 terminal, allows businesses to connect remote assets and devices for enhanced connectivity with minimal data usage. This can also help in reducing operational costs and improve decision-making by providing valuable real-time data.

Data Transfer

Data transfer is the process of copying and sending large amounts of information from one location to another. This can be used to share data between business units, or between external companies for collaboration purposes.

Keep Connected with a Portable Satellite WiFi Hotspot

The Thuraya SatSleeve is a compact and lightweight portable satellite WiFi device that turns your smartphone into a satellite-enabled mobile hotspot. It can be used to make satellite calls, SMS and send low-speed data to your smart devices.


SCADA allows organizations to monitor and control equipment remotely. By reducing operational downtime, they can boost productivity and increase profits.

Data feeds from RTUs and programmable logic controllers meet at a master unit that processes the information and presents it to employees via an HMI. This allows a single employee to see the whole picture and take action if necessary.

The Thuraya PTT service uses satellite connectivity to enable field workers to collaborate with experts offsite using real-time video streaming, direct calls and on-screen drawing (telestration). This enables fast resolution of issues, even in challenging conditions.

Operational Efficiency

As an organization pursues operational excellence, it must develop metrics that provide visibility into frontline operations. This allows companies to identify the inefficiencies that must be corrected and implement new processes.

This strategy empowers employees and boosts retention, which also reduces costs for rehiring and training new hires. And it frees up senior management to focus on innovation and revenue opportunities.

With a Thuraya satellite mobile phone or device, deskless workers can enjoy swift, secure connectivity on one safe communication ‘net’ at remote locations beyond cellular coverage. This helps them stay productive and connected to HQ.

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