All The FINALS Ranks Explained

All The FINALS Ranks Explained

The Finals, a first-person shooter game, has a ranked tournament system, so more competitive players will eventually want to make the jump to ranked. The ranked system works similarly to many other FPS games, but it has a couple of unique features that might not be obvious at first. So in this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about the FINALS ranked system to get you started on your climb to greatness.

Like most other competitive shooters, The Finals divides its competitive mode into leagues. There are five leagues in total, each league has four tiers, and players start at Bronze 4 and can progress to Diamond 1.

  1.     Bronze (4-1)
  2.     Silver (4-1)
  3.     Gold (4-1)
  4.     Platinum (4-1)
  5.     Diamond (4-1)

The only way to climb the ranks is by earning the required Fame Points (FP) for each tier. For example, players start at Bronze 4 but cannot progress to the next tier (Bronze 3) until they’ve acquired 250 FP. When a person has gained all FP required for every Bronze level, they’ll move on to the first tier of the Silver rank. The amount of FP earned depends on a person’s ranking and how many knockouts they get. Unlike other games, players cannot fall out of a league once they progress to a higher tier. The tournaments play out over four rounds, and each round consists of 48 players divided into 16 teams. If you don’t have the time or energy to complete these, you can buy the Finals Rank Boosting services at U4gm!

Permanent rewards are unlocked as you climb the leagues and reach a new tier. Permanent league rewards will include cosmetic items like weapons skins, charms, clothes, and accessories. Examples of permanent league rewards include the baseball cap (Bronze), sweatband (Silver), and sports gloves (Gold). The Diamond league has an exclusive and legendary weapon skin for players who get to the end of THE FINALS.

To sum up, “The Finals” offers an innovative twist on competitive shooting games with its unique ranked system. From Bronze to Diamond, each rank provides a benchmark for your gaming prowess. So assemble your squad, jump into the Ranked Tournament mode, and start climbing those ranks.



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