Amazing photo of dog protecting the pregnancy of loose women’s panelist – Stacey Solomon

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  • staceysolomon

    Thank u all for your helpful comments on over protective Theo! So many interesting things out there that I can’t wait to explore. She is an amazing doggy. And I love her to the moon and back! Thanks again… can always count on you guys for good advise 💜

  • louisa_watson13

    Dogs can be very protective. I have a big Rottweiler who loves her mummy loads and used to jump up for cuddles etc. When I was pregnant she stopped jumping up and would rest her head on my tummy or always at my side. If my sister tried to touch my tummy my ‘big scary rottweiler’ would push her hand away and rest her head instead! 2 years later, still protective of mummy and her little brother 😍

  • tinks1988

    @kirstycol89 I reckon July. Im due July 14th 😜

  • judymurphyxx

    My cat slept on my bump, when my daughter was born she never came in my bedroom again

  • izzy_esiuol

    I loved my Mexican Bola necklace. Love it in the rose gold though, mine was just silver

  • daviesemmajayne

    Congratulations xx


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