Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Totems Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Totems Guide
Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Totems Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected allows you to furnish your cherished characters with class-explicit things. There are shared things that can be utilized by different classes too, yet class-explicit things are not shared and are accompanied by extra abilities.

Necromancers get Totems for their class-specific items. Totems were originally known as “Shrunken Heads” and you can easily see why with a glance at their graphics. These items are equipped in the shield spot and offer low blocking but can have inherent bonuses to individual Necromancer skills and magical bonuses to his skill trees or even all skills. All Totems have inherent poison damage that increases with the item quality. So in this guide, we will rattle off every one of them to assist you with making the ideal Necromancer Build.

A sorcerer can prepare Totems that are separated into 4 rarities, with every extraordinariness having different details and rewards:

    Ordinary – These symbols have no extra enchanted properties.

    Exceptional – Totems of this extraordinariness are yellow and accompanied by a couple of extra rewards.

    Elite – These emblems accompany high assault and harm rates; however must be procured on the Nightmare trouble.

    Set Item – Equipping numerous of similar set things gives you helpful rewards.

Normal Necromancer Totems

Preserved Head

    Defense: 2-5

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 12

    Item Level: 4

    Clvl Req: 3

Zombie Head

    Defense: 4-8

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 14

    Item Level: 8

    Clvl Req: 6

Unraveller Head

    Defense: 6-10

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 18

    Item Level: 16

    Clvl Req: 12

Gargoyle Head

    Defense: 10-16

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 20

    Item Level: 20

    Clvl Req: 15

Demon Head

    Defense: 15-20

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 25

    Item Level: 24

    Clvl Req: 18

Exceptional Necromancer Totems

Mummified Trophy

    Defense: 38-48

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 38

    Item Level: 33

    Clvl Req: 24

Fetish Trophy

    Defense: 41-52

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 14

    Item Level: 39

    Clvl Req: 29

Sexton Trophy

    Defense: 44-55

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 47

    Item Level: 45

    Clvl Req: 33

Cantor Trophy

    Defense: 50-64

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 50

    Item Level: 49

    Clvl Req: 36

Hierophant Trophy

    Defense: 58-70

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 58

    Item Level: 54

    Clvl Req: 40

Elite Totems

Minion Skull

    Defense: 95-139

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 77

    Item Level: 59

    Clvl Req: 44

Hellspawn Skull

    Defense: 96-141

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 82

    Item Level: 58

    Clvl Req: 50

Overseer Skull

    Defense: 98-142

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 91

    Item Level: 63

    Clvl Req: 55

Succubae Skull

    Defense: 101-146

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 95

    Item Level: 65

    Clvl Req: 57

Bloodlord Skull

    Defense: 103-148

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 106

    Item Level: 67

    Clvl Req: 59

Set Item

Trang-Oul’s Wing

    Defense: 175-189

    Durability: 20

    Str Required: 50

    Item Level: 32

    Clvl Req: 54

    Chance to Block: +30

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