Different Surfing Places around Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas

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94dfb97b5687402099d89e2026edd50d.Cabo Surfing Lessons Great Family Memories scaled

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Surfing a great way of indulging time into some fun activities. If you love surfing, you can travel across the world and explore various surfing destinations. Surfing at different places brings new experiences and challenges. In every sporting event, the participants want challenges. Thus, there is nothing wrong for a surfer to search for the new challenges. In the following section, you can find some surfing lessons Cabo San Lucas. If you love surfing, you must visit the following surfing destinations in Mexico.

 Acapulquito Beach

The first destination in our list is the Acapulquito Beach, which has also been termed as the Old Man’s Beach. This place can be regarded as one of the best places for surfing for the beginners. The weather and water are completely friendly for the beginners. Additionally, there are many institutes that offer surfing lessons to beginners at this place. You can undergo those courses to get trained for surfing with safety.

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If you are searching for a surfing destination, Pescadero can be the place for you in Mexico. The place is a beach town rather than being a beach. In this small village and remote area, you will notice the busy activities of surfers on the beaches. If you love surfing with a budget adventure trip, this is the most recommended place for you. From Cabo San Lucas, the place is located at a distance around 50-60 KM.

Divorce Beach

Although the name sounds weird, this beach has nothing weird in offering to the visitors. You will experience a fresh and virgin beach with heavy breezes throughout the day. This picturesque beach is perfect for sunbathing, lounging, taking photos, etc. If you are looking for the surfing lessons Cabo San Lucas, this is an ideal place. You can find many professional surfing instructors here. They provide training to the beginners and make them ready to enjoy surfing at the Divorce Beach.

Divorce Beach

Monuments Beach

There are many beaches for surfing in Mexico, though Monuments Beach has been recognized as one of the best beaches in this country. The beach is a perfect destination for a family vacation. It gives you a relaxing aura. For surfing, the weather and water are ideal at Monuments Beach. If you are looking for surfing spots near to Cabo San Lucas, this beach is the closest place to visit for surfing activities. Apart from beginners, you will find a crowd of the pro-level surfers at this place.

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