June 2021, New York: Future Brands Group is a prominent market place for global fashion, and takes you on an international journey to discover the latest trends in global fashion. They are going to hold their trade shows very soon at Atlanta Apparel and Accessories Market from June 9th-11th at Booth #2-1411 and at Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market from June 15th-18th at Booth #13-9225.

The Future Brands Group is a bridge that unites the two sides of the fashion world.
That’s what New York based Future Brands Group does for fashion designers and manufacturers around the world, and for the retailers who sell their goods. Building on our wealth of global fashion industry expertise, developed through launching and establishing brands in many countries; Future Brands Group is fluent in fashion! We analyze information, predict trends, and build connections needed to move unique products and make them available to retailers around the world. They have a wide variety of brands and some of them are as follows:


orYANY is a Korean worldwide fashion company that designs various fashion items by combining the concept of Korean urban street with the opposite concept of Moroccan ethnic elements. From handbags to footwear, orYANY focuses on exceptional quality while remaining on top of the newest trends. The entire Spring/Summer ’21 Handbag Collection for orYANY handbags is in stock.


Saint G is establishing deep roots as the designers strive to produce indigenous styles that are lasting, offering a wonderful and vibrant mélange of designer footwear. Decollate sandals, heels, biker boots, ballet flats, and more are available from the three-decade-old company. Saint G has the perfect shoe, handcrafted from the finest leather. The entire Spring/Summer ’21 Footwear Collection for Saint G is available.

FBG is a traditional and digital marketplace for high-quality producers and international brands selling directly to independent retailers and chains. Place your orders today! For more info visit .

Address: 23-12 4 1st Street, Long Island City NY 11105, United States.

Phone Number: 917-719-6220

E-Mail: [email protected]

About the Company:

A fashion bridge that connects the two worlds of fashion. That’s what Future Brands Group, based in New York, does for fashion designers and producers all over the world, as well as the stores that sell their products. Future Brands Group is fluent in fashion, thanks to our wealth of global fashion industry experiences gained from developing and establishing brands in a variety of nations!

Future Brands Group study data, forecast trends, and create the necessary bridges and connections to move unique items and make them available to shops all over the world. Future Brands Group establishes ties with designers, producers, and retailers, as well as curates overseas collections for US markets and connecting independent merchants with new items.


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