Discover the Major Advantages of Parquetry Flooring

Discover the Major Advantages of Parquetry Flooring

A remarkable interior design can create lasting impressions on people who visit your home. You would try to give your space a makeover by adding new decor items or putting in new furniture. But what about the flooring? 

There are many flooring options that can turn your room from ordinary to stunning. One such floor design that can revive the aesthetics of the room is parquet flooring. And you know the best part? There are so many parquet designs that cater to the unique preferences of every individual.

Here in this blog, we will discuss why you should replace your old flooring with a parquet floor.  So, let us begin!

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Parquetry Flooring

  • Aesthetic Appeal

As parquetry designs are available in many patterns, you can choose the one that best suits the theme of your space. Parquetry flooring can give your room a modern or traditional look. Those who want to keep it sleek and simple can go for chevron and brick bond patterns. On the other hand, if you want to give your room traditional vibes, then Herringbone and Versailles are the top choices. Every design has the potential to make a room visually attractive. 

  • Durability

You can find parquetry designs mostly in oak and timber flooring. The hardwood flooring shows great durability, so it will not need replacement for a long time. With proper care and maintenance, the parquet floor will continue to provide style and durability for decades. Thus, your investment in this flooring will definitely be worthwhile. 

  • Allergy-friendly

Carpeting may look pretty, but it does come with its downsides. The fibres in the carpet trap and retain dust particles. Afterwards, the trapped dust can be released into the air due to foot traffic. Thus, this will lead to poor air quality, causing health problems for people with allergies or asthma. On the other hand, the parquetry floor is easy to clean, so there is no dust accumulation. Here, we have an easy tip to keep the parquet floors clean: Dip a mop in a mild cleaner and water mixture, take it out, strain excess water, and mop the floor gently to obtain a spotless surface. 

  • Easy Restoration

If you spot scratches or any other damage on the surface, there is no need to remove and replace the whole flooring. You just have to remove and replace the damaged block. Thus, installing this flooring means you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on replacement or restoration.

  • Natural and Cosy Vibes

Hardwood flooring consists of warm colours and beautiful patterns, which make your space welcoming. On top of that, with wooden flooring, you are adding a natural vibe to the indoors.

  • Value to Property

If you plan on selling your property in the future, investing in parquetry floors made from hardwood is favourable. Potential buyers would definitely approve of hardwood’s appealing style and durability.  

Well, from the above points, it is pretty clear why you should opt for parquetry flooring to replace your old floors. So now you are just a search away from having this flooring in your space. To make things easy for you, here are some factors that we have mentioned that you can consider while looking for the perfect parquetry flooring option. 

Factors To Consider While Looking For Parquet Flooring

  • Design

There is a wide variety of designs you will find in parquetry flooring. From the various options, you should choose a pattern of flooring that complements well with the decor and furniture of your room. 

  • Colour

You have many different colour choices for parquetry flooring, such as beige, light and dark brown, and white. Dark colours create a warm and cosy atmosphere, while light shades make the space look more bright and spacious.

  • Budget

Different companies have their own price set for parquetry flooring. However, the kind of wood the parquetry blocks are made of decides the price of flooring. Hardwood tends to be on the costly side, while options like laminate and engineered wood are affordable. So, do your research and choose the flooring based on your preferences and budget. Also, if you decide to render professional installation services, the cost will rise.


Parquetry flooring shows quality craftsmanship and timeless sophistication. If you are ready to elevate your space’s vibes, First Choice Flooring can help. They provide an extensive range of parquetry designs that cater to every individual’s preferences. So visit their website to get the best timber flooring in Adelaide with stunning designs.



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