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Divine Moving and Storage NYC 600x450 LOGO jpeg


Divine Moving and Storage NYC | Trusted Movers NYC

Divine Moving takes the stress out of moving in New York City. We are Manhattan’s best resource for certified, licensed, and insured movers. Our professional and expertly trained movers handle your possessions with the utmost precision and care. If it’s valuable to you, it’s valuable to us.

You don’t want your family heirloom, which you inherited from your grandmother, or your pretty expensive champagne flutes that you got for your wedding day to end up in pieces, do you? Surprise fact: bubble wrapping alone won’t prevent your fragile household goods from shattering. You’ll need to make sure your fragile items are packed professionally if you want your delicate items to stay in one piece. Luckily, you are in the right place. Long distance NYC movers will  ensure to protect your fragile lamps, glassware and vases with high quality materials so that they make it from your old house to your new abode. Packing up valuable crystal, porcelain and other delicate items will take some time. You shuold never rush through this process no matter what you’re packing, but especially when it comes to breakables. If you are opting not to hire professional long distance NYC movers, Divine Moving and Storage NYC advise you to start well in advance of moving day in order to take the time to properly secure these items. Get some quality boxes in various sizes; a lot of packing paper, bubble cushioning for padding, cardboard inserts (but these aren’t mandatory), scissors, and packing tape. Good luck!


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