Electrical Products Suppliers
Electrical Products Suppliers

When starting with an electrical products store, it is necessary to do a previous analysis that allows you to provide yourself with the best products, that is, those with the highest profitability, to start your business in the best way. Just as it is necessary to know the operation of the electrical products for sale and also to be able to always provide customers with additional information depending on each one of them; This will allow them to trust you and what you offer.

Electrical products that should not be missing in your inventory

Among the electrical materials that you could offer are the following:

Incandescent and halogen lamps and bulbs

The incandescent lamp is a fundamental electrical product due to the high rotation it has in the market for its low price. However, it has a low light output, since it only offers 1000 hours of useful life, not counting the large amounts of energy it consumes and the heat it generates in the environment, which is why it is not considered an ecological product.

On the other hand, halogens are the evolution of traditional incandescent bulbs, whose difference is that they offer the customer twice the useful life of traditional lamps (2000 and 4000 hours), the light beam is more direct and brighter.

Led lamps

The LED technology is ranked as the new power generation and the future in home lighting and any space. Not only because of its long life (between 60,000 and 100,000 hours of duration), but also because it is a bright light with low energy consumption and that does not emit heat.


These types of electrical products serve to keep the current flow stable for fluorescent lamps; Although there are different types – electromagnetic among the most traditional -, electronics cannot be missing from its inventory. These are the ones used in fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge luminaires, which are highly commercialized in the market.

Duplex Cable

One of the characteristics of duplex cables is that they are made up of two parallel lines connected to electrical extensions, usually for residential installations or in places where the voltage is less than 300 volts (w). They are generally made of copper and aluminum; duplex cables are electrical conductors that cannot be missing in your electrical products store.


The most commercialized wires are of two types: copper and aluminum. Both are commonly used for residential circuits that go to the electrical outlet or the breaker.

Electrical boards

This device helps to protect each of the circuits in which an electrical installation is divided.

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These electrical products are specially designed to protect low voltage networks and appliances from overload or short circuit.

Switches and outlets

There are many types of switches on the market. From the simple switch, which turns the power on and off, to the most modern ones that are controlled by a computer.

As for the electrical outlets, there are some special ones for the kitchen and bathroom. As they are humid areas, they require a type of special blocking devices that help to minimize electrical leaks. In the same way, there are the sockets with child protection that, through a device, blocks the entry of objects into the slots.

Conductive pipes

They are used to guide and protect electricity cables. They are made of PVC of different diameters that allow greater resistance to impact. Its material allows the pipe to be resistant to acids and other corrosive agents, which protects all the wiring for years and effectively.


They are devices that serve to block the passage of electrical current when it has reached a very high level and thus avoid accidents in electrical appliances.

Insulating tape

Mainly used to insulate electrical wire and cable splices. The tape is made of thin PVC material generally 14mm wide.

Electrical extensions

Electric extensions are pieces of flexible electrical cable with a plug at one end and one or more power outlets at the other, which serve to extend an electrical connection.



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