Everything You Need To Know About Directory Signs

Building Directory Signs
Building Directory Signs

Do you manage or own a multi-tenant facility or a large complex in Charlotte, NC? Directory signs are an essential addition to your space. Imagine going into a building for the first time and having no idea where to go because of lack of signage. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Building directory signs let you start off on the right foot with your customers. Visitors usually look for one, especially if it’s their first time in your facility. Make the experience more convenient and pleasant with a clear, well-placed directory sign.

How to Make Effective Office Directory Signs

For a sign to be effective, it has to appeal to the customer’s needs as well as benefit your business. Here are elements you need to know for successful directory signage.

Choose the Right Materials

There is no hard or fast rule when it comes to choosing the right material for your custom directory signs. Acrylic, metal, PVC, and the like can all be equally effective. Consider your budget and work with your sign company to come up with the one that fits your needs.

That changes, however, if you are looking to add an outdoor directory sign. When placed outdoors, make sure that the material you choose is weather-proof to protect your sign from quickly wearing down.

Size Matters

It is important to think about the overall size of your directory. A great way to do it is first choosing a location before deciding on the size. From there, you can determine how big or how small you can go.

The Importance of Legibility

The main goal of business directory signs is to inform customers of locations within your space. Make sure that the information is helpful to customers by choosing font styles that are readable. Also, make sure to double-check the information on your directory for any misspellings or incorrect directions.

Design Flexibility

Another tip to remember when doing office directory signs is that not everything will be permanent in the facility. Tenants may go, and rooms and floor occupants may change. It is best to go for a flexible design where you can easily swap out directory information should you need to make changes.

Always Think About Branding

A great way to approach signage is to always keep branding in mind. Every sign is an opportunity for you to build your brand. Build your custom directory signs around your brand’s theme and colors to let customers know exactly which business they are in. Incorporate your company logo as well to drive more familiarity with your brand name.

Full-Service Sign Company in Charlotte, NC

Getting the right directory sign may seem complicated. However, with the help of the right sign partner, it will come out as a guaranteed success. QC Signs and Graphics has years of experience providing various sign solutions to businesses in and around Charlotte. Our team is committed to providing high-quality products delivered with excellent customer service.

Whether you need a directory sign for your office or for an entire building complex, we can help! Contact us today for a free consultation with our building directory sign expert.

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