Features of Snow Skate and Burton Ion Step On

Snow skates are a type of snow sport gear that is made for the user to emulate the actions of ice-skating or inline skating on snow. Snow skates comprise of a pair of flexible ski boats with cohesive bases approaching sled runners that are approximately the same length as the boot itself, featuring steel edges to grip the snow.


As far as design of the snow skates is concerned, they are smartly designed to perform exactly like a skateboard on the snow. These allow uses keep skating their local skate park or stair set, cruise through the woods, and even find fun in your own backyard.

Get handmade snow skate for sale as it offers more flexibility to the users. Such boards are made in small batches, using sustainably-sourced materials, with consideration towards rider feedback.

Burton Ion step on offer great choices to the riders who charge hard across the entire mountain. The Ion works well for its staked tech package. The latest version is amazingly fitted with Burton’s step on system for seamless transition in and out of your bindings. Also the quick and precise BOA Fit System enables you dial in a perfect fit. The ideal fit also ensure a comfortable, lightweight liner with enhanced rebound and foot-warming tech easily replicate body heat for extra warm feet. The boot is compatible for mountain areas and on snow lands.

Features of Burton Ion Step On

Lacing Speed –This features lighting fast facing control and at the same time allowing you to customize the tension of upper and lower zones. It includes good fibers that are virtually indestructible, and easy to re-lace.

Flex/Response Step –This backstay features a strong connection point on the heel of a strapless boot-to-binding connection that offers great convenience and performance. The flex power up tongue creates a snug fit between boot and tongue which eliminate the need to readjust your ride.

Comfort Total–Comfort construction provides an instant great feel to the users, eliminating the break-in period, seals the lower zone of the boot, and keeping your feet warm and dry.

Liner Tuff Cuff Lite –This feature increases repair and wraps the ankle with medial and lateral support and also enables free flex from heel to toe. Made using lightweight materials, such boots ensure high-end performance with a relaxed feel and features a responsive PU tongue for a combination of quickness and resistance breakdown that surpass during long seasons of difficult riding.

Wearing burton ion step on boots will aid you to keep your ion the lead, instead of looking around for the tool bench every time you get to the chair. These boots enable you to eliminate the hassle of straps and let you have a real sole-full connection with your board. Since the ion comes in an affirmed flex with extra heel retention from the snugger straps, you will find it truly easy to use and very much responsive and high-performing in the mountain areas.

So no matter what the weather is; snowskates for sale are not at all going to disappoint you.

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