Floor Decals: Signage That Can Never Go Unnoticed


Do you think your branding and promotional efforts aren’t delivering the results you want? Are you worried about your brand message getting lost into the sea of competition and not reaching your target audience? Do you want a solution that will uniquely surprise and entice your customers? If yes, the answer might be floor decals. 

Most business owners focus on adding graphics and store signs to doors, walls, ceilings, entrances, and windows in order to catch the eyes of customers. Even though these methods are effective, there is nothing unique about them. But there is a place at every establishment that is frequently overlooked that has very high visibility and can do wonders for a business and it’s the floor!

Stand Out to Customers with Floor Graphics

When people are walking, they are looking at the floor and vinyl floor graphics provides the opportunity to utilize this for branding and promotional purposes. Floor advertising is a perfect way for businesses that are looking for a unique way to stand out from the competition. They can be used to fulfill many purposes such as:

Branding –Attractive floor graphics instilled with your brand elements can create a professional image of your business. They can be installed in the lobby, elevator, and other areas of your facility.

MarketingLarge floor graphics can always be installed to highlight a campaign whereas, floor decals can be used to display the brand elements all over the facility. 

Wayfinding –Floor decals are known to be one of the best ways to guide visitors to a facility. They can be easily set up to lead visitors to their desired location.

Events – Interactive floor advertising can make your brand stand out from the competition. In big exhibitions where customers find it difficult to navigate properly, color-coded graphics can lead them to your exhibit. It helps in communicating messages like “Stand Here” “Restricted Area” and more.

Contact Surely Signs for Highly Effective Floor Decals in Lake County, IL

If you’re looking to add vinyl floor graphics to your business space, Surely Signs is here to provide you the end to end solutions! We work with clients to design and deliver custom floor graphics that not only catch the eyes of the customers but also solidify the brand.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your signage requirements. Contact us today to receive a personalized quote.

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