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Shanahan family law Cover page scaled
Shanahan family law Cover page scaled

March 2021, Australia: Shanahan Family Law is a Sunshine Coast based family law practice that can assist with stressful family law matters Australia wide (excluding WA). Our FREE Consultation service involves us carefully assessing your individual requirements and offering you effective solutions to save you time and money.

We are committed to helping you amicably resolve any dispute related to family concerns, from Divorce applications, Child/Parenting applications, to Property settlements of financial matters and Domestic violence orders.

Here are four main reasons why to hire a reputable family lawyer:

  • Representing yourself:

Many people attempting a DIY divorce do not know what they do not know. In our experience, many people who are either in the process of representing themselves in the family court (or have finished a matter where the outcome could have been better), find that their matter requires (or required) the attention of an experienced family lawyer.  It is important to act early, before a case gets past the point where even the best lawyer can rectify the damage.

  • Cost-effective:

With a 98% success rate since 2009 for over 4,000 clients, we aim to offer you the lowest fees tailored to your unique position. Read about our 10 Ways to Save Money in a Divorce

  • When your matter needs assessment by a court:

When a controversial family law matter needs assessment by a court, it is necessary to understand whether or not to begin a case with the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court and what the difference between the two are. Our aim is to keep our clients out of court.

  • Legal proceedings:

Documents are very important in courts.  A good lawyer can help you to file all the court documents correctly. A solicitor knows all the technical requirements and deadlines and can therefore increase your prospects of success.

Shanahan Family Law are experts in family law and highly regarded in all aspects of family law matters. We listen to your family law queries, we care about your result, and we provide the best solutions for your matter along with the FREE initial Consultation.  For more information visit the website now

About us:

Shanahan Family Law is an Australian-based law firm that has a team of highly skilled family law experts dedicated to smart and innovative advocacy to achieve the best outcome for you and your children in your family dispute. We practice in all areas of family law including Divorce, Child/Parenting matters, Property/financial matters, Domestic violence applications and binding financial agreement matters (including prenup’s).


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