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DNA is the master of genetic material in every living organism. Every human present on earth now and before has its own DNA which is composed of genes structured in a particular fashion that makes everyone e unique from everyone. No two people can have exactly the same set of DNA  except for identical twins that can have 100 percent same DNA. 

Knowing that every human has DNA that is different from other people, one can find out a lot of information about someone that will be accurate and worth knowing. In this world full of knowledge, one of the main things that scientists are trying to have a grasp on is DNA testing and using that knowledge for our betterment, of course, by using ethical norms.

Different Type of DNA Tests

Scientists are now very ahead of their time performing different types of Techniques that normal people are now using like: 

  1. DNA Face testing

  2. Paternity testing

  3. Diagnostic DNA testing

  4. Ancestry testing


Scientists are now able to perform such testing with 100 percent accuracy through the use of high-tech equipment and knowledge. You may think of such tests being performed in very high-end laboratories taking a lot of your time and effort but that’s not the case. DNA companies are now able to perform such tests by DNA test kits that are also known as Home DNA kits making our testing experience a lot easier.

What can we know through DNA testing?

Most of the DNA testing used by the common people in the world are present for at-home use, and we can obtain a lot of information through them like

Paternity testing: Different types of DNA testing kits for paternity testing are available under different names. These kits are used to find the biological father of someone. These kits are being used by men who are not sure about their offspring, or they are falsely accused of being a father to claim child support. In the old times, such tests were very hard to perform but now it’s very easy and very accurate due to the availability of kits available for home use.

Ancestry DNA kits: Kits are also available for knowledge of your ancestry. Such kits are available to know and get familiar with your ancestry and know what your actual origin is. Such tests can give you knowledge about your family tree and from where in this world you actually belong so that you can have a better understanding of your roots and yourself.

Health DNA tests: Such kits can be used by people to have knowledge about any health risk. People use such tests to know if they are more prone to heart disease, diabetes, or any type of cancer. By obtaining such knowledge, they can make better decisions and be less stressed.

Relationship DNA kits: People can use such kits to know if they are related to each other or not. SIbling can use such tests to know if they are actually siblings or not. These tests can be performed by relatives, too, like grandparents, etc.


Carrier DNA testing: These tests can be used to tell if you are a carrier for a certain disease or not. This information is very helpful for couples planning to have a baby.

How to order and use Test kits?

Testing kits online are very easy because of the availability, but we would advise you to choose a testing partner that is experienced with authentic certification for such tests as choiceDNA. Steps to order and use:

  1. Order a test kit depending on what piece of information you want to know.

  2. Once it arrives open the packaging and read the instructions carefully.

  3. Take the samples with swabs present inside the package.

  4. Mail it back without contaminating it and wait for your online results.

Accuracy of at-home DNA testing

People are often not sure and confused about performing such tests at home, and the questions that they often ask us(ChoiceDNA support) are:

  1. How accurate are home DNA tests?

They are as accurate as DNA tests performed at our labs.

  1. Are home DNA tests accurate?

Yes of course, they provide pretty much the same accuracy that they would at our labs i.e. the samples are taken carefully and not contaminated. 

  1. How accurate are home DNA kits?

They are accurate DNA tests that provide 99% accuracy.

  1. Are at-home paternity tests accurate?

Yes! If you’ve taken the samples accurately, they are highly precise. 

  1. How accurate are home paternity DNA tests?

Very much accurate! 

  1. Are swab DNA tests accurate?

Yes! They are very accurate provided you have taken the swab test correctly. It should contain the cells from your cheek and should not be contaminated.


The only answer to such a question is that it depends on where you are taking the tests from. Tests from ChoiceDNA company are 99.9 percent accurate, which means there is almost no chance of error in your results. You can easily trust us with your results as we have the most experienced and qualified staff which makes our company a lot more unique and better than other companies providing such tests.

 It should be noted that in the scenarios of legal cases at home DNA test kits are not acceptable to courts because they have a list of institutions they accept the test from.



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