How Do I Update My Version of Safari?

How Do I Update My Version of Safari

Safari is the default browser of all Apple devices and it is very fast and enjoyable for all Apple users however, it does not really matters how fast and brilliant the browser is as Apple always tries to bring out new updates to the browser to fix any loopholes in security issues with the browser and this is why it is very important for all Safari users to update safari browser

Now, it is not a very difficult process to update the browser but since it is not a very common process, there are a lot of people who do not know about the same and this is why we are going to tell you how you can update your Safari browser on your Apple device. 

What is the Correct Process to Update Safari Browser on Mac?

It is very important to know how to update safari on Mac and this is why you need to follow the steps that we are giving here when you want to update your Safari browser. 

  1. Access System Preferences on your Mac and further choose the Software update option. 

  2. Now, you need to wait for a little bit while your computer looks for any update for the browser. 

  3. If you see an available update then, you can choose the option to Upgrade it. 

  4. You can also choose the option ‘Automatically keep my Mac up to date’ if you want to update browser safari automatically.

  5. Now, you just need to wait for the computer to complete the Update of the safari browser. 



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