How to achieve sustainable construction?

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The protection of the environment is a common topic nowadays and, frequently, we seek to implement new measures, in the different areas in which we develop, to contribute to the care of nature and thus achieve a better quality of life for all.

Within the construction industry, there are some basic measures that can be established to work in harmony with the environment and finally achieve more sustainable constructions during the development of the project and after its conclusion.

These are some actions that we apply in the constructions that our company manages and that could make a difference in your construction project:

1. Use of resources. By building based on prior planning, investment in materials that are not going to be used and that could later become waste is avoided. Additionally, measures must be established to make responsible use of resources such as water and electricity.

2. Wastewater. Each project entails an analysis to find the best wastewater treatment system. In some cases, systems such as bio-gardens can be used to treat gray and soapy water, allowing it to be reused.

3. Waste management. At the end of the construction, the waste must be separated according to its nature, which allows the reuse of some and the recycling of others. This significantly reduces the final amount of waste that a building can generate.

4. Shop local. By buying materials from companies in the area, the carbon footprint is reduced, since when negotiating with companies with more distant locations, greater pollution is generated through transport. At the same time, this makes it possible to enrich the suppliers in the area and help the economic growth of local businesses.

5. Lighting. Assessing the movement of the sun, an adequate orientation of the construction project can be achieved, which allows optimal use of natural lighting and reduction of electricity consumption.

6. Ventilation. Taking into account air currents, structures can be designed that allow more natural ventilation. In this way, the use of air conditioners that consume a lot of energy and generate polluting gases for the atmosphere is reduced.

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