How to disconnect Apple Watch?

unpair the apple watch from iPhone

Are you reading this blog to get to know how to disconnect Apple Watch then it is good for you that you have landed at the correct place as in this blog we are going to let you get aware of the steps you need for disconnecting an Apple watch. 

In order to unpair the old Apple watch from your iPhone device, you are supposed to keep both devices at a close distance from each other. And once, they are near each other you can follow the instructions which we have presented for you. 

Steps for disconnecting the Apple watch from your iPhone device

When you want to unpair your Apple device you can do it very easily. Unpairing the watch from the device will reset the factory settings which means that all the data of the watch, settings that you have made, or the apps in the watch will be erased. You can unpair your Apple Watch in two different ways. The first one is you can unpair your Apple watch through your iPhone and another one is to disconnect your watch directly from the Watch.

Disconnect your Watch from your iPhone:

  1. The first step for how to unpair an Apple Watch is to open the official apple watch application on your iPhone device following which you are supposed to select the option “My Watch” tab. 

  2. After this, you should not opt for the button of all watches after which you have to now click on the info icon you see on the screen which you will see over the right side of your phone display. 

  3. Now, at the very bottom of the screen, you will be able to see a red button that will be an unpair Apple watch on which you have to click. 

  4. You will get a couple of options from where you have to select unpair watch following which you should confirm your choice by putting in your Apple ID password. 

  5. You should wait for some time as Apple will be creating a backup of your data, and as soon as it is finished you can set up a new Apple Watch with your iPhone device after you unpair Apple Watch from iPhone. 

Unpair your Apple Watch direct from the Watch’s settings: 

If you don’t have access to your phone or you can not unpair the watch through your iPhone due to any reason then you don’t need to worry, here is the method by which you can do it without your iPhone. Before doing this method you have to remember that this technique doesn’t have any auto back up and your all factory data will be reset. 

  1. Firstly, get your Apple Watch and go to its “settings”

  2. Then you need to tap on “general”

  3. Now, click on “Reset”

  4. There, you will see the option “Erase All Content and Settings”

  5. Then hit the “Erase All” button at the bottom of the screen.

By following up the steps given properly you will be able to get the desired result by unpairing your iPhone device with Apple Watch. 



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