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Minecraft is a game where players can collect a variety of resources to build and create their own virtual world. One important aspect of the game is managing inventory, which can become overwhelming if not properly organized. In this article, we’ll explore several ways and you will learn how to keep inventory in minecraft, including using chests, shulker boxes, and other storage methods.

Using Chests

Chests are the most basic storage unit in Minecraft and can hold up to 27 items. They can be crafted with 8 wooden planks and can be placed adjacent to each other to create a larger storage system. Here are some tips on how to use chests efficiently and let you learn how to keep inventory in minecraft:

Categorize your items:

 Group your items into categories such as weapons, tools, food, and building materials.This might be the easiest thing that you can ever get.

Label your chests: 

Use signs or item frames to label your chests with their contents. This will save time and prevent confusion when searching for items.

Use double chests: 

Double chests can be created by placing two chests next to each other. They provide twice the storage space of a single chest and can be useful for larger items.

Use trapped chests:

Trapped chests can be used as a secret storage system by placing them next to a regular chest. When the trapped chest is opened, it will emit a redstone signal, allowing you to create a hidden storage room.

Using Shulker Boxes:

Shulker boxes are a type of storage item that can hold up to 27 items and can be dyed any colour. They are useful for storing items on-the-go as they can be placed in a player’s inventory or backpack. Here are some tips on how to use shulker boxes:

Try to organize your Shulker Boxes:

Similar to chests, group your items into categories and store them in different shulker boxes. This will make it easier to get out of the box, while on-the-go. Now for more attractive details about how to keep inventory in minecraft follow this write up till the end.

Use different colour:

We suggest players use different coloured shulker boxes to further categorise your items. For example, use red shulker boxes for weapons and blue shulker boxes for tools.

Label your shulker boxes: 

Use item frames or signs to label your shulker boxes with their contents. This will prevent confusion when searching for items in your inventory.

Using Hoppers

Hoppers are a type of redstone component that can be used to transport items between different storage units. They are useful for creating automatic storage systems and can be used to sort items by category. Here are some tips on how to use hoppers:

Create an automatic sorting system:

 By using hoppers and chests, you can create an automatic sorting system that sorts items by category. For example, create a system that sorts food items into one chest and building materials into another.


Use filters:

 Use item filters to prevent unwanted items from entering your storage system. For example, use a filter to only allow food items to enter the food chest.

Use hopper minecarts:

 Hopper minecarts can be used to transport items between different locations. They are useful for creating large-scale storage systems and can transport items across long distances.

Using Item Frames

Item frames are a decorative block that can be used to display items. They are useful for organizing items and displaying them in a visually appealing way. Here are some tips on how to use item frames:

Use item frames for organization: 

Use item frames to display your most commonly used items, such as weapons and tools. This will be the best thing that you can easily get while you have been searching over the web.

Use item frames for decoration: 

Use item frames to create a decorative display of your items. For example, create a display of all the different types of flowers you’ve collected. Now we want all of our viewers to follow this article to gather some other information apart from how to keep inventory in minecraft.

Things to do when you lose your life in minecraft:

Gameplay consequences

When a player dies in Minecraft, they lose all of their inventory, including any tools, weapons, and resources they had collected. These items are dropped on the ground in a “death pile” where they can be retrieved by the player if they make it back to the location of their death. However, there is a time limit before the death pile disappears and the items are lost forever.

Learn techniques to enter command in minecraft games:

Accessing the Command Console

To enter commands in Minecraft, you will need to access the command console. To do this, you need to open the chat window by pressing the ‘T’ key on your keyboard. Once the chat window is open, you can type commands and send them to the server.

Syntax of Commands

The syntax of Minecraft commands follows a specific pattern. Each command starts with a forward slash (/), followed by the command name, and any arguments or parameters required by the command. For example, to teleport to a specific location, you would use the following command:

teleport [player] x y z

In this command, the ‘[player]’ argument is optional and can be replaced with the name of the player you wish to teleport. The ‘x y z’ parameters represent the coordinates of the location you wish to teleport to.

Tab Completion

Minecraft offers a convenient feature called ‘Tab Completion’ that can help you enter commands quickly and accurately. When typing a command, press the ‘Tab’ key on your keyboard, and Minecraft will automatically complete the command or suggest possible options.

Command Blocks

In Minecraft, you can create ‘Command Blocks,’ which are special blocks that can execute commands when activated. To enter commands into a Command Block, you need to place the block in the game world and then right-click on it to open the command console.



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