How to make a video that attracts viewers?

in the social media era, we can find solutions for most of our problems online.
But there are plenty of suggestions to choose from!
Then how to make a video that would engage your viewers and attract them to your page?
let’s learn how.

• Use descriptive titles – everybody has a reason, to read this content, let’s save their time by helping them select the topic they wish to read about.

• Have quality descriptions – again, unnecessary words should be avoided .keep it to the point and precise.

• add a plot to the information – people like to find a story in everything .let’s give them one!!

• a moral or a threat principle – your content should either give some useful conclusion or should be on the threat that people might avoid after watching it. isn’t it hard to resist then?

• keep it simple – this is the main and most important step. keep your intentions and words simple for your viewers to understand it clearly.

Now step out, look around, pick a topic and add quality to lives!!



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How to make an appealing video?