How To Pass Exam Excellently

8 Tips to be successful in any exam.

Exams is pretty tough. 

Fortunately, there is a way to deal with the pressure and get the grades you need. Below are the tips on How To Pass Exam 2022 .

 1. Make the most of your study time 

 Don’t panic. Stick your head into a pile of books and expect the best. organize. 

Create a schedule on Naijamula and calculate the time required for each topic. 

 Study a little every day and rest your brain every 45 minutes. Avoid stuffing the night before. This is not a way to guarantee good grades. 

 2. Don’t study alone 

 Why don’t you make a study session with your friends? It provides you with diversity and moral support and motivates people around you to work towards the same goal. Students Studying Outside 

 3. Managing Your Stress The stress on the 

 exam is perfectly normal-in fact, a little stress can be a positive motivation. 

 However, too much of this can have a negative impact on performance. 

 So take regular breaks, exercise daily and hang out with your friends. If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, get out of the book for a while. 


4. Ask for help 

 Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help-they will be happy to help. 

 If you need an explanation for the problem you are struggling with, ask them to discuss it. Don’t panic if you’re surrounded by a support network. 

5. Get a lot of sleep 

 Rest is good for your brain. Get a full 8 hours of sleep each night and don’t study until dawn in the morning. 

 Sleep is essential to the success of the exam. 

 6. Prepare the eve of 

 Put everything you need the night before in a bag. This avoids a last-minute rush the next day. 

 The important things are pens, pencils, calculators and water. Girl studying 

7. Make the most of the morning 

 Get up early and have breakfast, whether you feel good or not. 

 Hunger slows your brain, and who wants a growling stomach in the doctor’s office? Also, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes with layers to add or remove-I don’t know how warm or cold the lab is. 

 Have a healthy breakfast before the exam 

8. While in the office … 

 When you spend time waiting outside the office, avoid the temptation to talk to your friends about what you have learned. You don’t have to panic with each other as they are all likely to be studying slightly different things! 

Exam Registration

 Sit quietly in front of the room, take a deep breath and avoid looking at the notes. Once inside, read the exam instructions carefully. Take the time to ask each question and monitor the clock. 

 If you don’t know the answer to your question, skip it and come back later. Never leave the exam early. Take the time to complete and correct your answer. And remember-you can only do your best. 

 Good luck!




Written by Godswill Mulla

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