How to Pick a Great Holliston Massachusetts Real Estate Agent

Realtors Holliston Mass
Realtors Holliston Mass

Selecting a Realtor in Holliston Massachusetts

Do you live in the Holliston Massachusetts area? Are you going to be selling your home? If you are getting ready to put your house on the market in the coming months one of the most important tasks you’ll take on is hiring a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, one of the things that a large percentage of homeowners get wrong is the agent they choose to hire. Everyday when I log onto my computer, I see countless houses that expired on the MLS.

In other words they didn’t sell! What is one of the most significant common denominators when a house doesn’t sell? If you guessed the wrong Realtor was hired you would be correct.

Picking a top Holliston Massachusetts Realtor is vital if you want to have success. You should start by making sure you have a detailed interview with at least three real estate agents. These agent should have years of experience under their belt.

You don’t want to be caught with the new rookie who has never done many sellers. They don’t need to be learning on your dime.

You should prepare a detailed list of interview questions that include how long has the agent been in the business, how many sales do they do a year and what is their average days on market as well as their list price to sale price ratio.

This should start to give you an understand of the kind of real estate agent who is sitting in front of you.

In the reference above at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will find a guide to the real estate market in Holliston Massachusetts. The information found in the resource was put together by a top Holliston Real Estate agent.

Hint – you could start there with one of your interview requests:)

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