Infrared Cooker – A New Choice for Cooking

Kitchen appliances and cooking techniques have evolved a lot. Nowadays, there is plenty of options available in the market for cooktops. The infrared cooker is the latest trend in the market, and its popularity is growing day-by-day! If you are also thinking of buying an infrared cooktop, do check out the points below.

What is an Infrared Cooker, and How Does it Work?

Before anything else, let us know in detail what exactly is this and how does it work. Infrared cook tops consist of metal coils and halogen lamps. It generates heat in the form of infrared radiations for cooking. These radiations are nothing to be scared of as they are harmless and are similar to your microwave oven.

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Benefits of Infrared Cooker

Cooking with infrared radiation is a new choice for cooking. There are plenty of benefits of having an infrared way of cooking. A few of them are listed below:

Energy Saving

Studies show that infrared cookers use 40% less energy than conventional cooking techniques. It uses a mix of convection and technology to cook food. Thus, it fastens the cooking process and saves a lot of energy!


Generally, with induction cooktops, you need to have a special kind of cooking pots. Unless you have a specially coated base, it is impossible to cook on an induction top. However, on infrared cook top, you can use any pot with any base coating, and you are good to go!

No Oil 

You can have a healthier meal using this cooker as you wouldn’t require any oil. Moreover, it is now convenient to get that grilled texture or slightly cooked meat without using a single drop of oil. So you can now get the perfect crispy fries that are delicious and perfectly done.

Even Cooking 

With a good quality infrared cooker, you wouldn’t need to keep stirring the food for cooking. It makes sure that heat gets distributed at the bottom of the pot and food is perfectly cooked.

Final Words

Apart from all these above mentioned benefits, one more benefit that you get with this cooker is safety! Moreover, you can also save the time consumed for cleaning after cooking. All in all, getting an infrared cooker is a good option. Make sure you get the premium quality cooker and enjoy the cooking process.

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