UAE, May’23Crownline is an industry-leading electrical brand in UAE that specialises in the production of home and kitchen appliances, as well as office and outdoor cleaning supplies. They provide consumers with diverse products to satisfy their everyday needs.

Crownline Travel Dalla TD-253 Electric Kettle is a travel kettle. This innovative device will change how homes enjoy hot beverages by providing unrivalled convenience, efficiency, and style. It has exceptional speed and versatility. This strong electric kettle effortlessly boils water in minutes, making it excellent for hot beverages such as tea, coffee, and others. With no cables that restrict mobility, it provides unmatched portability, allowing you to take the kettle with hot water wherever you want.

An electric kettle has become a must-have item in every household. With its impressive features and benefits, the Crownline Travel Dalla TD-253 is all set to become an essential appliance worldwide. Some of its remarkable features include: 

  • Traveler Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker: With the Traveler Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker, you can enjoy the comfort of brewing authentic Arabic coffee. In your own home, enjoy the rich flavours of classic Middle Eastern coffee.
  • Smart Control Panel: The advanced control panel on the coffee maker allows you simply to change the brewing settings and customise your coffee experience with just a touch of a button.
  • LED Display with Dynamic Changes: The coffee maker’s elegant LED display provides immediate information on the brewing process. Watch how the display changes dynamically, keeping you informed and involved throughout the coffee-making process.
  • Coffee Pot Capacity 0.7 L (Max 0.4L): The Traveler Dalla Arabic Coffee Maker has a spacious coffee pot capacity of 0.7 litres, allowing you to prepare up to 15 – 20 small cups in one run. Enjoy a rich and pleasant coffee experience with family and friends.

So, get your hands on a Crownline Electric Kettle today and experience the future of hot beverage preparation! Visit the website to learn more about the product. You may also contact them at +971 434 171 52 or email them at [email protected].

About the Company:

Crownline focuses on buyers’ delight by selling a wide range of quality products, i.e., electric kettles, ice makers, infrared cookers, food processors, sandwich makers, and many more. These products are value-for-money and strive to satisfy customers’ expectations through solid after-sales service backup support.



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