It's Time To Get Smarter With The Smart Wi-Fi Plug Sockets

wi fi smart power strip
wi fi smart power strip

There is a reasonable change in digitalization over the last decade. This has led to a huge increase in the use of electronic devices. When it comes to using electronic devices, it’s a part and parcel of the process to control & monitor them, to connect the same with electricity and, to keep them charged from time to time. It can become a really time-consuming and tiring job to continuously track all the electronic equipment and devices. The smart Wi-Fi plug socket is the one stop solution to tik one of the major routine tasks from your list. Basically, smart Wi-Fi plug sockets are plug sockets that are connected to the Wi-Fi.

With this you can control any device plugged into the smart socket, from anywhere through your smartphone. This can help you create your smart world with electronic devices. The smart plug is not just limited to Android users, but it’s for all Apple iOS, Amazon Alexa users also.  The smart plug is a user-friendly and worth the cost product. The smart plug can set you free from the burden to be attentive towards electronic devices continuously. The same helps you save a lot of time. The smart plug is provided with the user manual. Smart Wi-Fi Plug Sockets helps and guides the user to get started to enjoy the product.

Any electric device which is connected to the smart plug can be controlled through your smartphone. The application and facility can be used by many by sharing the device control through the mobile application. The smart plug is also an energy monitor and a temperature monitor. It can quickly notify you once the connected device temperature is more than expected. The user can quickly order through the smartphone to turn off that device. And this can save you and your family from possible danger.

Very importantly, you can set an automated task for the smart plug. And you are released with these tasks happening on its own from time to time.Now, the innovating technology is  helping you to control your facilities just a click away.

Here is a quick set of steps to get started –

•Set the button of the smart plug on. The light of the button starts to blink

•Connect the smart plug/s to the regular electric switchboard.

•Download the mobile app from the google play store, named Smart Life Smart Living.

•Get registered with the mail ID, set the password.

•Choose the socket and add the device/s to be controlled through smart plug/s.

•Connect the selected smart plug to the nearest Wi-Fi.

•The device will be added and connected to the Wi-Fi.

You are all set to start controlling the device/s with your smart plug

Here is another magic solution, smart Wi-Fi doorbells

In today’s rapidly growing and fast world, one also needs to ensure security at each step-in life. Getting the smart Smart Wi-Fi Door Bells in place can be a quick solution to take a step forward towards security. These doorbells are connected to Wi-Fi. The user from anyplace can get to know the visitor, without having to really move towards the door. These doorbells also record the video of the visitor for a considerable time when the bell is used. These bells do allow the communication between the visitor and the user before the user can even decide to get to the door to open.  The user can also drop prerecorded audio for the visitors, dropping a message like, the unavailability at home etc.

Let’s assure safety with smart Wi-Fi doorbells

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