Karen sells saucy pictures of herself online earned £10,000 from subscriptions – Eamonn Holmes and Ruth | This Morning

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thismorningKaren sells saucy pictures of herself online, and is reported to have earned £10,000 from her subscription website. But do you think this is empowering for women? Maybe it’s something you’d consider doing?Load more commentslilacmoonstar@bella_raya_sgh educate yourself.. it affects all women and the way men see us.bella_raya_sgh@lilacmoonstar no it doesn’t. Lack of sex education affects how men see us. Most grown adults have sex drives, and a high percentage seek out titillating content because thats what people do when they’re in the mood. Do you think that women dont look at other naked women?bella_raya_sgh@lilacmoonstar oh, and I did educate myself; that’s why I no longer hold the same views on the matter that you do lilacmoonstar@bella_raya_sgh obviously not lilacmoonstar@bella_raya_sgh as a glamour model you’re always going to defend your income. However you are wrong. Self objectification is a form of brainwashing by a patriachal society.sallyana28@louisefrenchiejudithw55@lynn.taylor17 All 4 wouldn’t shut up and let the other speak. I wanted to shout SHUT UP!



Written by West A

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