Keeping Fit While Staying at Home


As we continue staying indoors to keep healthy and safe, finding creative ways to keep fit is vital. Being physically and mentally active is crucial for maintaining health and wellness in retirement communities. At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, we encourage our residents to participate in daily activities that get them moving.

Simple At-Home Activities to Stay Fit

Medical experts say that we need a good 30 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy, but that may take a lot out of a person.  It is important to do what we can when we can. For members of Oakville senior residences, even 5 minutes of movement can help. Do what works for you!

Here are some sample activities to try at home:

Chair squats to improve bone density

A simple way to get plenty of movement while on your chair. Slowly go from a sitting to a standing position. Keep your knees supported and use your hands if you need to. If this doesn’t work, start by slowly bending your legs until you can work your way further down.

Arm stretches to increase mobility

With your back against the wall, put your hands out, palms facing forward. Still maintaining contact with the wall, raise your hands towards your head slowly. Reach as far as you can, then slowly return to your starting position. You can even do this while watching your favourite show!

Walking to improve blood circulation

In retirement communities, staying indoors may give you limited walking space. Don’t fret! Simple activities such as getting up to do chores, marching in place, or going from one area to another are all great ways to add movement to your day.

Dancing to improve mood

One of the simplest and most fun ways to move is through dance! Put your favourite music on and dance in place, or even while in your chair if you’re worried about balance. Best of all, music gives you an endorphin boost, making you feel happier while staying fit.

Of course, members of our Oakville senior residence have the benefit of enjoying any one of our scheduled activities. Joining our fitness classes for some tai chi or even some Wii bowling can help keep your blood flowing.

Finding the Right Retirement Residence “Near Me”

Have you recently searched for “retirement residences near me” that offer a balanced lifestyle? Oakville Retirement Home has engaging, empowering activities that keep our residents fit while staying a safe distance apart. Learn more about our various wellness sessions by contacting us or take a virtual tour to see more of our retirement residence in Oakville, ON.



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