Laminate flooring: effect, durability and design

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what is laminate flooring 1821619 0312 4d76d9a5a4974aef94d9534cddfa1355

Choosing a laminate floor is a conscious decision to equip yourself with a resistant and durable flooring, easy to maintain and install, excellent in terms of hygiene and with a fantastic aesthetic result. An effective solution at affordable prices.

Why choose a laminate floor

Laminate floors are not wooden parquet, but they are capable of faithfully reproducing the appearance of the main essences of wood with excellent aesthetic results. Laminate floors are an excellent solution to enjoy the wood effect, reducing costs and maintenance.

A laminate floor is a flooring derived from wood obtained by pressure bonding different layers of material with different functions and qualities. The main element of a laminate, which assigns its appearance and character, is the HDF panel (High Density Fiberboard) which consists of wood fibers and resin-based binders. The HDF panel is the core of the laminate floor on which a special paper is infused that reproduces the decoration that the floor should show.

In the vast majority of cases, the design of a laminate floor reproduces the characteristics of a wooden floor. The refinement of the printing technology ensures that the final result perfectly imitates the effect of wood.

The advantages of laminate flooring


The price per square meter of a laminate floor is lower than that of a wooden or PVC floor. The profitability of the product depends on the type of processing and the material from which the product is made and does not come at the expense of quality. Technological research on laminate now makes it possible to obtain nice, solid and durable products at low prices.

Wear resistant

The multilayer films that cover the laminates protect the floor from scratches and incisions. They protect the central fiber from being stepped on: the best laminates have multiple layers that limit scratches from external agents. Laminate floors are particularly suitable for covering commercial environments and busy public spaces. Laminate flooring is excellent for offices, as it allows chairs to slide easily on wheels without being affected in the least.

Shock resistant

The solid core panel in wood fiber (HDF) covered with multilayer films ensures that the laminate floors are not afraid of falling objects or damage caused by heels or small stones. To verify the resistance of a laminate floor, you can rely on the abbreviation AC that accompanies the product. The numbers that accompany the abbreviation indicate the increasing degree of resistance of the laminate floor, AC6 represents the highest quality. The resistance of laminate flooring also depends on its thickness, which on average ranges between 7 and 12 millimeters.


Laminate floors have excellent resistance to moisture. They are made of non-porous material and the surface films do not allow water to reach internal levels. Some laminate floors have an anchoring system for the slats that increases their stability and resistance, thus guaranteeing almost zero instability in position due to humidity.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Laminate floors do not require constant maintenance, they do not need to be oiled or reinstalled periodically. They can be easily cleaned without worrying about damaging the material. The interlocking system of the boards prevents the penetration of dirt.

Does not change color

Laminate floors are not subject to the oxidation process of wood, so the color tone of the floor does not change over the years. Once you have chosen the right color for you, it will stay the same forever.

Easy installation

The installation of a laminate floor, with the necessary precautions, can also be done independently. The interlocking system that joins the slats simplifies installation and makes operation intuitive. Laminate floors increasingly have a lower layer with soundproofing properties already integrated into the boards, this allows the boards to be laid directly without the need to cover the surface and soundproof it.

Sure. Antistatic and fire resistant.

Laminate floors have a natural resistance to fire. The floors supplied by EMEDEC are manufactured in accordance with the standards established by the European Union to be installed in escape routes and in large rooms. These floors are designed to have antistatic properties and comply with the relevant standard dictated by EN 14041.

How to choose laminate flooring

Laminate flooring essentially falls into two categories based on the manufacturing method: HPL (high pressure laminate) and DPL (direct pressure laminate).

HPL Laminate (High Pressure Laminate)

The HPL laminate is obtained by compacting the layers with a high pressure procedure and bringing the material to high temperatures. It is, to date, the most efficient technique to obtain a laminate in which the layers remain solid and indivisible and with a high surface resistance. HPL laminates are the highest quality and most valuable laminate products on the market.

DPL Laminate (Direct Pressure Laminate)

Processing is carried out by pressing the layers onto the main HDF support. The pressure required for DPL treatment is less than that required for HPL. The product obtained is cheaper than HPL.

The coupling system

The anchorage between the laminated boards is a system that each manufacturing company develops in a personalized way and is the result of extensive research and development work. The boards are made with special lateral grooves so that they fit together and increase the solidity of the pavement once joined.

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