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Addressing Industry Needs

The MA in Computer Games and Art Design responds to the critical demand for a high-quality postgraduate degree in the rapidly evolving video games and film industries. This program focuses on key aspects such as game design, sculpture, animation, computer programming basics, entrepreneurship and business, and personal artistic practice. Graduates can expect a myriad of opportunities to collaborate with various business partners in these dynamic fields.

Academic Exploration

This master’s degree significantly contributes to the study and education of diverse areas of video games and interactivity. The curriculum encompasses modules in 3D game design, animation, and advanced software engineering, aligning with the department’s strategic and research programs.

Career Progression

With specialized expertise, graduates can advance to positions such as senior developers, designers, or technical directors. Creating a popular game independently can substantially enhance income. The typical career path starts as a graduate or intern quality assurance tester, leading to roles in level design, game design, or branching into related fields like game design coaching, lecturing, or digital gaming and entertainment.

Understanding Computer Games and Art Design

The computer gaming and electronic technology industry represents a multibillion-dollar global market, spanning from personal devices to consoles, personal computers, and massively multiplayer online games. This MA in Computer Games and Art Design positions graduates for a successful career in this thriving global industry, meeting the demand for skilled video game designers and artists in the UK and beyond.

Course structure and fee details

Mastering Game Development

Masters in Game Development in the United Kingdom are meticulously crafted to meet the industry’s demand for skilled professionals, particularly in game development programming. The curriculum offers an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in game development, covering essential aspects such as animation, special effects, game testing, audio engineering, visual arts, and narrative designing.

Fee Structure

The cost of game development in the UK varies, with in-state students paying £8,000 and out-of-state students paying £14,700. It’s crucial to note that these costs can differ among universities and depend on whether students enroll in full-time or part-time courses. Living expenses, food, library access, laboratory usage, medicine, and sports should also be considered.

Program Duration

Students can complete their Master’s degree in game development in just one year, gaining a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning and project oversight in various game development aspects.

Curriculum Highlights

The MA in Computer Game Development programs at UK universities focus on honing students’ skills in animation, special effects, game testing, audio engineering, visual arts, and narrative designing. The courses emphasize practical applications of programming skills and industry-relevant tools, covering subjects like Programming and Animations Statement Analysis, Current Issues in Empirical Computer Graphic Management, and Advanced Programming Gaps.

Career prospects and opportunities

Upon completing the MA in Computer Games and Art Design, engineers with postgraduate degrees find lucrative career prospects. Graduates can explore diverse job opportunities such as game designer, narrative designer, game animator/visual artist, sound designer/audio engineer, game developer/programmer, game tester/game developer engineer, and game journalist/critic, among others.

Top UK Universities for Computer Games and Art Design

For students aspiring to pursue a postgraduate degree in computer games and art design, several esteemed UK universities offer specialized programs:

  1. University of the Arts London (UAL):

    • MA Games Design emphasizes technological and critical expertise, fostering innovation through practice and collaboration with diverse industry professionals.

  2. Goldsmiths, University of London:

    • Recognized as a leading university, it offers an MA in Computer Game and Art Design, addressing the industry’s need for skilled professionals in game design, animation, and the art side.

  3. Kingston University:

    • With a focus on cutting-edge courses and collaboration with local and global companies, Kingston University’s MA in Computer Game and Art Design prepares students for careers in the digital world.

In conclusion, the MA in Computer Games and Art Design opens doors to a vibrant and ever-expanding industry, providing graduates with the skills and knowledge needed for success in various creative and technical roles.



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