Metafrasi Offers Accurate Medical Translation Service for Life Sciences

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Milan, Italy, June, 2021: Metafrasi plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry translation, especially during the times of a global health crisis. They offer accurate medical translation services for life sciences.

Metafrasi provides medical interpretation services to ensure exactness and validity for translating any medical and pharmaceutical document. They also have highly knowledgeable medical language translators with deep experience. By accurately interpreting prescriptions, medical histories, patient and doctor manuals, Metafrasi can assist health care professionals in providing accurate diagnosis and appropriate care for their foreign patients.

Their professional scientific and technical translations play a massive part in research, academic and everyday life. Their broad experience in different fields of expertise contributes to the accuracy and quality of their translations. Their highly focused scientific and technical translation services are used widely in translating everything. Metafrasi offers accurate medical translation services. This allows you to take care of content like clinical studies, MSDS, catalogues, package inserts, clinical protocols, and informed consent forms.

Metafrasi is a highly experienced medical translation agency with experience in translating two million+ words in the medical field. Metafrasi has more than 20 years of experience providing translations in a variety of specializations. They guarantee that their translations are reliable, high quality, and exact in content and form.

Their target is to produce an accurate translation of your documents in any primary language. Metafrasi works with pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, mechanical, biochemical, scientific, telecommunications, industrial, and electronic industries. On the other hand, they guarantee maximum confidentiality of all the documents. The experience and strong knowledge of their team allows them to produce highly specialized translations and localized content!


Phone Number: (+39) 081 193 21 890

Toll Free Number: 800 70 82 89

Email Address: [email protected]


About Metafrasi

Metafrasi is a professional language service company for businesses of any size, in any industry, and for professionals who work in international markets. It was founded in 2005 and from the outset; Metafrasi earned the trust of many prestigious domestic and international customers, establishing fruitful and lasting collaborations with the ability to offer higher quality that has allowed it to be selected by major multinational companies as their exclusive provider of language services.



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